New Hunting Rig GX470


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Oct 26, 2018
So I'll add a little more to this.
Built this off road camping trailer few years back, my obsession at the time.
Roof top tent., water tank, shower, power, solar, fridge, etc... etc....
Did much research. IMHO it appears that most of the RTT are probably manufactured by the same Chinese company, just branded differently.
A lot depends on your needs for size; dogs, kids, wife, space, etc....
Least expensive, but still good and local, TuffStuff4x4 out fo orange county/riverside. That's what I got.
Check craigslist, sometimes they post there wih lower prices, but still over 1k
Tepui brand is arguably the premier brand, they source some really nice ruggedized versions with some nice camo prints, but super pricey!
Definitely wouldn't' bolt a traditional RTT to the truck year round. if you can store it with pulleys in your garage rafters and drop down onto vehicle and bolt up when needed, that is ideal.
If wanting to leave on the vehicle year around, I would get one of the clamshell type that look like a very slim cargo carrier and then pops up 3-4' or so to be a tent.
An investment for sure.
In theory 5-10 minutes set-up, which is nice.
Hope this helps. Hit me up if you want to discuss more.