Mar 3, 2011
What's everyone like to shoot as far as power of a scope? I have been tossing up the leupold VX3L in 4.5 x14 I did check out a 6.5 x 20 with side focus which was real nice but I think it's getting carried away for a hunting rifle.
You didn't say what the intended purpose was of the gun.

The powers that you mentioned I'm guessing you are shopping for a varmint rifle,the 4.5x14 would be an excellent choice.
If you are shopping for a big game rifle you may consider something like the 3.5x10 or the 2.5x8.

Usually the higher power scopes for varmint hunting have finer crosshairs. These are great during the day but are hard to see in low light situations.
The lower power scopes have crosshairs that are a little thicker and easier to see in low light.

The Leupold scopes are hard to beat for the money.
Hey MSE,

What rifle are you looking to put s scope on?
I did forget purpose of the scope it would be for big game and for 270 wsm. I do have a vx3 2.5x8 and that is sweet also have vx1 4x12 on a 17hmr those scopes do a great job I kinda want something with a lot of power but worried that to much magnification may be a hindrance at shoot time. any great recommendation's would appreciated.
Ditto on the VXIII 3.5-10, that would be a great match for a 270 wsm or maybe even a Leupold VXII 2.5-8 if the gun is compact. Big scopes have a place but I don't think what you have is the appropriate platform for them. Also I would think twice before using anything above 15x as the atmospheric conditions will be factor when trying to use the high power stuff. I have a Ruger #1 in 220 swift that I hung a 6.5-20 Leupold on years ago and most of the time I have to crank it down as the mirage become a serious factor in being able to see the target.
Right on guy's I like the L model being that it is 50 MM and able to mount with standard height rings. i have not owned a 50mm before not sure if it worth it or not.
Snake charmer about the platform potential issues are you referring to not enough room to slide the scope to achieve proper eye relief ? now you got thinking.
Not sure that you gain that much with the 50mm over the 40mm. You can only get so much lite through the 1" tube.
If you want more light from the 50mm it's best to go with a 30mm tube to get that light through it.
What I'm talking about is hanging a large high magnification scope on a standard carry size hunting rifle is probably overkill as far as what you need and might even be disproportionate for the gun. The idea of the 50mm objective lens is to allow more light into the scope for low light conditions but I personally think that it is not necessary in the U.S. because our hunting ends at sunset here. The big objectives are popular in Europe because a lot of hunting is done well after the sun has set and in dark forest conditions.
Snake charmer, I understand what you were referring to now thank's for the advice.
Lungpopper I was considering to go with 30 mm main tube for that reason thank's for the advice.
I think I may go with the 3.5x10.

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