New SoCal hunter


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Jul 29, 2012
Ventura CA
Hi all, this will be my first season hunting in so-cal. I'm based out of Ventura and have an A and D13 tag. I did a little bit of hunting back in Maine where I grew up. Any suggestions for a new hunter to this area? I already have my insanely expensive lead free ammo. I have done quite a bit of hiking and backpacking in the las padres so that's where I'm planning starting.
Welcome aboard, Las Padres is a big area... My 2cents, if you are willing to make that trek, look into Fort Hunter Liggett
Otherwise, burn some sole closer to home. There is some good opportunities here locally as long as you are not expecting to hunt from the roads. Google earth, a quadrangle map, play around on DFG'S website (some good info) and some sweat in the field should be a pretty good start.
I guess I should have posted this in the newbie den, I didn't see it until now. I have heard a lot about fort hunter liggett, I thought it was really hard to get a non military tag there though. I have a friend who runs a large vineyard that boarders hunter liggett, and we are trying to set up a pig hunt there soon. My plan for the las padres is to get up there really early and hike in as far as I can before sun up. I'm heading out tomorrow morning so we shall see how it goes!

Evan michie
Welcome aboard. I grew up hunting los padres A zone a d13. Today is opening day for rifle in a zone. Good luck. My cousin just called and ran into a few big bucks. He was fortunate to tag one today. 3x3. Still waiting for the pic. D13 you have to get to lockwood valley or pine mtn. Good luck. Big bucks up there

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