Larry Cochran

Utah Buck 2010
Jan 8, 2011
Alpine, Ca
I am thinking of getting a new truck? I will be looking for a diesel, 4x4, 4 door. I will also be needing it to pull my 34' weekend warrior toy hauler. Who do you all think has the best truck for the price? Let me know?


Can-O-worms! Its like asking who makes the best bow for elk or what is the best caliber and bullet for mule deer. ;D

I own a 2004 LB7 Duramax...It’s been a great truck and gets 21 miles per gallon. I have 155,000 miles on it and it still has the factory brakes. I have a 30' Fleetwood Wilderness and the truck tows it very well. Replaced 2 front hubs, a steering shaft sheath as well as put in new injectors. It was all recall stuff and covered by GM. My buddy has a 2005 and his is trouble free and my other buddy has a 2007, no trouble either. Bitchin' trucks

I have a buddy who has owned 3 Cummins' and he loves them and another buddy with a Powerstroke and he loves it too. Basically its hard to go wrong with all three and probably comes down to personal taste regarding appointments - comfort etc. I will say though that out of the three brands noted, my friend who owns the Ford has spent the most in maintenance.

My two cents for what its worth,

I'm planning on trading in for a Dodge sportsmen here soon with the Cummins diesel, not too stoked about the weak dodge tranny but oh well. I worked as a mechanic for 13years before going into Law Enforcement and the two diesel motors I saw go a million miles was the Ford Powerstroke and the Dodge with the Cummins. Those two motors are solid.

The Sportsmen editionhas some col features to it like external locking compartments for fishing rods, bows, and other equipment. And it all blends into the body of the truck bed. My second choice is the Tundra with the gas V8. Tundra has tsrong powertrain and huge brakes. The motor also is bulletproof as we put a older model tundra V8 into a Supra and made over 800hp on the stock motor (added a turbo) but spun a rod bearing and blew the gaskets after about 20 runs.
I will be buying new, I currently have a 6.0 powerstroke and have been happy with the truck. I have friends that have the same truck and motor and have nothing but problems. I have friends that have the duramax and a few that have gotten the new Dodge cummings. All three are great trucks, but I am liking the look of the megacab dodge but i would also like a long bed. I am still a year or so away from a purchase but I like to look and ask questions. Thanks for your input all.
Mike! Yes I remember you man. I was working for Freddie up in poway when I met you.

Good to see that there a re familiar faces here.

I have an '07 D-max, love it. I am a Chevy guy through and through. But if you are looking new, I hear that Ford's new diesel powerplant is a good one compared to the previous IH Powerstrokes. Time will tell... But all of the new Big 3 diesels are putting out some insane HP and Torque ratings now.
I have a 2005 Dmax and really like it. The only thing that I do not like is that the tranny tends to get hot when pulling long hard grades and its 100+ outside. Chevy did no favors with the cracker box tranny cooler, but have not been able to find a good replacement.

Otherwise, 100% statisfied.

Yea .... big can of worms with the fight over the big 3.

I'm really not a fan of the Dodge though.

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