Newbie Wanting to Deer Hunt


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Jan 13, 2011
Alpine, CA.
Hey Guys,

Let me startoff by saying that I'm brand new to hunting. This is my first year. And therefore I'm having a hard time figuring things out. Last night I was looking at the new 2011 Big Game Digest. All 72 pages. To say it's confusing to some one new is an under statement.
Can anyone tell me what I need to do to be able to hunt deer this year in the D16 and A22 hunts? I know I need to get a new license that takes affect on July 1st. But what tags or draws do I need to get or enter for these hunts? Is there any chance these are just over the counter purchases? And what are the deadlines?

Thanks for any and all help for the newbies out there!

You can get the D16 and the A22 tags over the counter either through the DFG or a Walmart. If you would like to get a G13 / doe tag you need to put in advance and wait for the drawing. I am not sure of the date on that, I usually only get the A22 and a D16. With the A22 tag you can take a doe.

Good hunting,
Larry C.
They may already be on sale. I usually buy mine over the counter in June or July. I have never seen them sell out by then. The D16 will let you use it for gun and bow. If you are only going to use your bow even during the general season then you should just get the A0. The A0 is an archery only tag that lets you hunt in ALL the D zones during their archery and general seasons. (buck only) It’s a great tag to let you hunt around and find other spots.

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