Nikon BDC scopes

Larry Cochran

Utah Buck 2010
Jan 8, 2011
Alpine, Ca
Does anyone have any information regarding the Nikon BDC scopes. I am thinking of purchasing one for my 30.06. I have checked out the Nikon webisite and think the balisatics information is great.

Larry Cochran
My nephew in Tenn uses one on his muzzleloader, they hunt from tree stands and shots can be from 15 feet to the limit of what a modern muzzleloader can do. He swears by his set up, no brainer he knows his distances in each tree stand and uses the appropriate aim point for the shot, all his shots are under 200 yds. Dont know anyone out here in the west that uses a drop compensation system. Long range shooting and all the acroutrements that come with it have become very popular in the last few years. I'm amazed by some of the shooting I see on these long range hunting shows on tv. 800 yard deer kills wow... That being said I wish I could shoot like that it would save me a lot of walking! I was out today finishing building up a load for a 257 Weatheby for a friend I shot a load that was giving me 3/4" groups at 100, I shot out to 300 and 400 so I could compose a drop table. While all the shots grouped fairly well and given I knew the drop compensation they would have killed the deer but it was still humbling to see how big the bullet spread was given that I was on sandbags and taking my time. My best advice is go shoot your rifle with its current setup at extreme distances just for group size on paper not bullet placement on target and it may give you a hint as to whether you should be attempting long shots without a lot of practice the right rifle, ammunition and proper coaching. The drill will tell you two things , one what your maximum range is personally under ideal conditions and whether your rifle can give you the accuracy you need to have for a bdc reticle to become important. The whole bdc thing seems great on the surface but few of us posess the skills and gear to take advantage of it.
Thanks Snake Charmer, great information for me to consider. I am comfortable shooting at 200 yards to sight in my rifle but I have to agree with you about getting shots on paper. If you know your weapon you know where the bullet is going to go at extreme distances if you do enough shooting. I am primarily a bow hunter but I am planning a trip to Colorado for a Elk hunt next year and I want to be ready for possibly some long shots. Thank you again for your time.

Thank you,
Larry Cochran

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