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Mar 2, 2011
I recently picked up a 270 win.Anybody have a pet load for that caliber.
I tried the barnes 130 gr x and IMR 4831 @ 58 gr..Got a 4" group.Maybe I should try the 4350?
It did better with fedral premium 140 accubond.
Hey Darryl,

Which X bullet are you working with. I may have a few loads for you. Also how long is your pipe?
Let me go dig up my notes. I think I have some data for the X TS.

My last bench time with the .270 was with the Hornady 130gr SST's (just so happens it was/is with a 22" barrel). I am a big fan of the SST on thin skinned game! And it's accurate. The 129's work awesome in the 6.5 too!

Let me see what I can find...
Ya' - It could still work good if you throw a hotter flame at it. Depending on what primers you are using, you may tighten up the group by trying a magnum primer like a GM215M or a match primer in general (210M).

I am not sure how much time you have spent with the X bullet (please do not be insulted - your a Killer), but sometimes if you seat the bullet a little deeper, the group will tighten up and the pressure will drop - just the opposite of regular lead core bullets. The only exception to that (in my experience) has been with the XLC. That particular X bullet was much more tolerant regarding seating the pill closer to the lands. The XLC was incredibly accurate at higher velocities and it shot very well in a dirty barrel (I wish they would not have discontinued it). I had no trouble getting 3100+ fps out of my 26" J.P. Sauer .338 with the 210 XLC's while still experiencing consistent sub 3/4" groups. It would poke two holes through an elk at any angle. When you squeezed off - both you and the elk were very aware!

Anyway...I have had allot of luck in my 22" pencil using Win760 and 210M's in .270. But I would not hesitate to continue to play with 4831.

I will find the 130X data tomorrow buy I am sure it was 760 that made me smile. ;D

These are my express opinions derived from my experiences - I know less than most and half as much as some!

Kids - Don't try this at home...
I am using CCI Magnums. I will try seating them a little tighter as I have them seated against the lands.
Two holes from any angle (smile) That's why we shoot them cannons. Angle doesn't matter, it's a dead Elk.

Go with a minimum of .050" off the rifling and seat the bullet deeper in incremental steps of .010" at a time. I can almost guarantee that your 4" groups are caused by inconsistent pressure by resting the soft X on or just off of the lands. To give you a general idea, rifles with a little bit of free-bore tend to work really well with the X bullets because of their soft properties.

And Ya' dead elk...he he he :p

What say you?
Still looking...found data but it was for the older 130X...
I was right, it was Win 760...

Please use the data below as a simple reference. Each rifle is different.

54.5 grns Win 760
Fed 210 M (match)
Winchester "nickel" brass
Case OAL 2.540"
COAL 3.320" Do not seat the "X" bullet any closer to the lands than .050" off. I would consider seating even deeper depending on the rifle - so my COAL is just a reference. You need to measure your rifle with the bullets you are going to load. I have a Stoney Point OAL gage in .270 if you need to borrow one (great excuse to meet a fellow Killer).
I was getting an average 5 shot velocity of 2920 from my 22" barrel.

I also found H4350 to be very accurate but could not get the velocity I was looking for in my short barrel. You may try H414 as well, it is a good powder for the .270 when shooting in a 22" tube.

Sorry it took so long but I could not find my .270 folder. I was loading the 300 WSM and the .260 Rem. last time I was on the bench. I just realized I need to get reorganized! ::)
I have some H414 powder so I think i'll give it a try.It would make more sense than the 4831 with the 22" barrel.
No problem on the time lifes been busy lately so I have'nt had much time to play with any gun stuff.
Had a whole week off last week and still could'nt find the time.I need to get on it,pretty sure i'm getting an antelope tag(depredation)for Oklahoma,so I should be there in December.
Nice! Have you started to map out your hunting season overall yet?
No my father inlaw has been battling cancer for the last year.
Doctors are giving him till October,so i'm staying close to home
until that issue is dealt with.Did'nt think I should get to far from
home around that time.
Locally D16-A22 I can hunt within minutes from my house.

You are doing the right thing my friend...Karma is something you can bank on. I hope not only your father in-law - but you, your wife and family receive Gods blessings. May he bring you all comfort and safe haven during such a difficult moment in life. If there is anything you may need, please do not hesitate to ask me. My wife lost her wonderful dad to cancer and my nephew's life was stolen from brain cancer at the age of 5. My mother in-law just got through battling breast cancer last year. The cancer was no match for her tenacious offensive; she is one of the lucky ones.

My thoughts are with you bro...and may your future hold a dozen 200" bucks in your cross-hairs!

Thanks for all the kind words and prayers.
Of all the challenges in life I think watching someone with cancer slowly lose that battle has got to be the toughest.You just have no control...I am very sorry to hear that you have had these challenges also.Glad to hear of a success story.

Again thanks for all the kind words.

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