Republicans Support Cal DFG Chairman


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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
Thursday, March 1, 2012
Republicans Support Cal DFG Chairman

Sacramento - Republican Senators have sent a letter to Senate Leader, Darrell Steinberg, expressing their concern over the unjustified campaign Animal Rights activists have waged against Department of Fish and Game Commission President Dan Richards. Richards was photographed with a mountain lion he legally took in Idaho. That photograph was recently published in a hunting magazine.

"Mr. Richards has not broken one law. In the state of Idaho it is perfectly legal to take down a mountain lion. After all, there are lots of states that don't follow California's lead on every issue," said Harman.

Democrat Assembly members amped up the debate late last week by calling for Commissioner Richards' resignation because hunting mountain lions is illegal in California.

"Demanding his resignation over something the liberal elite see as distasteful is merely pandering. If we applied that logic across the board, Californians caught gambling in Nevada or driving 85mph in Texas should be forced to resign their position too."

"Hunters and anglers, who actually spend time outdoors, are those most invested in ensuring that California manages wildlife responsibly, and Dan Richards certainly fits that description," added Senator Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale). "Once again, some Californian legislators are revealing their elitist attitude by trying to impose our laws on other states. Perhaps those calling for his resignation could be more informed about how a federalized system of government works."

The text of the letter can be found here:

Republicans are not alone in questioning the motivation of legislators calling for Mr. Richard's resignation. Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walter's column, California Legislators Show their Hypocrisy over Hunting Issue hits the proverbial nail on the head:
Richards appears to be guilty only of offending the sensibilities of the Legislature, whatever they may be.

This is the same Legislature that offends the sensibilities of most Californians, according to a recent Field Poll, because lawmakers habitually ignore important issues, carry bills of self-serving trivia, help special interests, and manipulate their schedules to maximize their incomes.

This is the same Legislature that didn't react when one of its members was caught by police with a prostitute in his car, parked alongside a busy Los Angeles highway, or when another crashed her state-issued car while driving recklessly, injuring two people.

More recently, this is the same Legislature that didn't respond when a member was nailed for shoplifting, or when another carried a loaded pistol into an airport security checkpoint.

As for Newsom, a politician who had an affair with his top campaign aide's wife shouldn't moralize. (Link to column)

Senator Harman represents the communities of Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Rossmoor, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Irvine, Cypress, La Palma, Los Alamitos, Laguna Beach, Dana Point and portions of Buena Park, Garden Grove, Santa Ana and Westminster.

To learn more about Senator Harman, please visit his website at
Eileen Ricker (Harman)

Kevin Eastman (LaMalfa)
I heard about this over the weekend from a friend. Thanks for the additional info. What B.S. If we lose Dan Richards as the President of the Department of Fish and Game Commission it will be a fast downhill slide. If he resigns because he’s a hunter, he’ll be replaced by a non-hunter for sure. There are very few sportsmen left in the DFG and you can really tell the difference when talking to wardens these days. (You’re treated like a criminal !) Time to fight or move !

Notice how quickly the HSUS and the Assemblymen that were leading the charge backed out when the Hunters and other Intelligent people spoke up. They will still try to backdoor him nodoubt but they retreated like they showed up to a gun fight with a knife.
Best thing we all can do is write our local Assemblymen and Senators and make our voices heard. Let Ben Hueso from Chula Juana know that us REAL Californians support Dan Richards and we won't let him be pushed out by a liberal agenda.
Met Dan last year when Ed Zieralski brought him up to our ranch for a turkey hunt. (he shot one that day) Got to spend a few hours conversing with him. He's absolutely qualified for the position and has his head screwed on straight. All of us need to email our legislators and give him our support.
Once again I'm embarrassed to be a Californian! The fight will never end in this state.

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