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Aug 30, 2012
I'm trying to find a way to do some research online for areas I can scout for hunting. I assume it would make sense to start with a map of public lands or something similar to that. Is there a resource that marks out what areas are publicly available to hunting? How can I easily determine what's public property, what's private, etc?
Josh, you need to get both the CNF and BLM maps to find the public land. Once you get these maps then you can spend time on Google Earth.
Josh, I recommend the quadrangle for CNF about $30 +/- and a couple BLM maps, it takes about 3 or 4 maps ($4 each) depending on where you are looking to hunt. You can call BLM in Sac and they are pretty quick at shipping then find a large table and have fun ;D good luck. What are you looking to hunt and when?
San B mountains are worth your time (my .02) There is a lot of area and good number of species and animals; deer, turkey, quail, black bear, yotes, etc. I'll be out tomorrow for an AM deer hunt. Again, beating the zombie horse, quadrangle and BLM maps. Angeles, no idea, sorry.
Can never have enough maps of the area you want to hunt, NF maps ( don't forget back road usage maps for most NF cause they have been closing all kinds of roads), BLM maps, For SB NF and Angels NF don't forget the county maps showing the areas closed to rifle shooting.

San Bernardino County shooting maps

Los Angeles county shooting maps
Unfortunately many of the DFG and forest service working these areas don’t have all these maps. If you’re hunting on the edge of these areas you should have a map in hand to help plead your case on the side of the road rather than court. Many areas that are still legal are used year round by mountain bikers and joggers. When they see you on opening day they freak out and report a man with a gun etc, The Sheriff will not have these maps either. It safest to go deep into the green area to be safe.
I agree, if you are going to hunt any area in close proximity to people make sure you no the laws inside and out cause you will have to explain the forest range, DGF, sheriff, or local police guaranteed!!!! The sad thing is that it is so hard to find the maps and info sometimes, most time law enforcement don't, but you must...crazy Califorina

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