Rimfire Rifles


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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
Has anyone played with the CZ rimfire rifles? I have been eyeballing the CZ 455 American.

Any thoughts on other rimfires for squirrel plinking etc?
Haven't handled the CZ rimfires but I have used one of their center fires in 223, very well made with good fit and finish, didn't put it on bench and test it so I cannot comment on accuracy except to say I hit what I shot at.

For squirrelin we have couple of Ruger 7722's in 22lr with 2-8 leupolds. Lately I've been using Savage in 17 hmr with a 2-7 its amazingly accurate, hits harder shoots flatter. Quite often when we are shooting squirrels and make a hit with the 22lr they will make to the den and disappear. With the hmr the story is quite different the bullet fragments nicely and they generally expire on the spot. Savage has made a good name for themselves in the past few years, the guns are accurate and affordable, Unfortunatley the price of 17 hmr ammo is right up there with the 22 magnum stuff so not nearly as affordable as 22lr.

Their is a new 22lr ammo I've yet to try it's made by Winchester and it claims that the bullet's front end breaks into three pieces and the back end punches on through, We're going to give it try when it becomes available.
I do like the 17's and will pick one up eventually but right now I am overdue to replace a .22 I once had. I am for the most part 22less. I have a Ruger 10/22 that I am going to use for a project but I want a good bolt-gun. So I am looking for opinions.
I have a CZ,think it is the model 752.It's the one they used for there military.
Shoots very good and feels like a full size rifle.Shoot the CB's it makes squirrel shooting a little more challenging.
Shoot the Quik shok (made by CCI) it will put coyotes down.
I shoot a Marlin 795 that I've had for about 10 years and love it. I recently just put the scope back on it and sighted it in down at the desert. At 50 yards I can put 10 rounds into a quarter sized area. At 100, with some adequate elevation, I can repeatedly hit a coke can. Absolutely fun and accurate gun to shoot, and you can get one at Big 5 for $150 when they're on sale. I know it's not a bolt action, but HIGHLY accurate.

My buddy has the latest Savage 22LR and I wasn't impressed at all. I hunt with a Savage and love it, along with a lot of their other guns, but this 22 was junk, in my opinion. Magazine is hard to insert and eject, accuracy was terrible, and unless the slide slammed forward, the first round would FTF. I thought it might have been an ammo issue but side by side with my Marlin and the same ammo, the Savage was junk. Stay away from it.
NBK said:
Has anyone played with the CZ rimfire rifles? I have been eyeballing the CZ 455 American.

Any thoughts on other rimfires for squirrel plinking etc?
The gun club I belong to has about a dozen or more of these rifles that they use for Woman on Target, NRA Family fun Shoot and many other events, they are very accurate and hold up well, I would not hesitate to buy one

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