San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area - San Diego County


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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
Provided by:
DFG Lands Program
1812 9th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area - San Diego County

Quail Hunting Allowed Deer Hunting Allowed Wildlife Viewing

General Location & Directions: Approximately 10 miles northeast of the town of Julian between State Highways 78 and 79. County Highway S-2 bisects the length of the wildlife area and provides public access. Current boundaries are displayed at the information kiosk located on the southwest side of S-2, approximately 11.4 miles east of the junction of Highways S-2 and 79.

Phone Number: (858) 467-4201

Acreage: The total acreage of the wildlife area is currently 14,100 acres. Please see current informational flyer and maps posted in the kiosk or on the website to determine which areas are open for public use.

History/Purpose of Acquisition: The Wildlife Conservation Board has acquired land in three phases for the creation of the San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area. Funding sources have been Proposition 70 (Wildlife and Natural Areas Conservation Program of 1988), Proposition 117 (Habitat Conservation Fund/ Mountain Lion Initiative) and from Proposition 12 (Parks Bond Act of 2000). The purpose of acquisitions includes critical deer migration corridor and deer fawning habitat and oak woodland and riparian habitat protection.

Large acquisitions adjacent to the existing wildlife area in 2003-04 increased the area by over 5,000 acres to the northwest and 7,500 acres to the southeast. Management activities are on-going throughout the wildlife area to ensure public safety, compatible wildlife-dependant public recreation and adequate resource conservation.

Special Restrictions: Use and possession of rifles and pistols may be prohibited in designated areas. Additional restrictions regarding public use exist for the wildlife area; refer to current flyer and on-site kiosk for up to date information.

Management Plan:
Notice of Determination for the Final San Felipe Valley Wildlife Area Land Management Plan in San Diego, California

PLEASE NOTE: Area regulations are subject to change. Special restrictions on recreational uses, hunt days and methods of take are listed in the current year's issue of Hunting and Other Public Uses on State and Federal Areas, available at DFG offices and places where licenses are sold.

For more information, maps etc - click on link below:
Thanks for posting this. I am new to hunting here in San Diego though I've lived here a long time. I mapped it and aerial viewed it and got a plan set. I intend to give this area a try on an afternoon hunt in the middle of the week later in the season when pressure may be low. I'll let you know how it goes.
Glad you are using the sites information. We will do our best to keep the information coming.
They killed everything on opening day..... Needs another ten years to recover.... ;)
I live up in Mesa Grande so San felipe is a short drive for me. The area holds a lot of quail (if you know where to look) as well as turkey and deer. Needless to say it gets a fair amount of hunting pressure so you have to be hunting it when the seasons first open. A good dog is beneficial for quail hunting not so much for finding them to shoot but after you shoot as much of the good quail cover is tall and thick. don't be afraid to get up against the mountains and look for the water as it is key to being successful with the quail.
Going to give this place a try in the morning; sunday the 13th may be a good day for it. Post rain and all. We have been jumping shooter bucks but have not sqeezed a trigger yet. We have a spot saved for the last couple of days of the season that could pan out in the end but are looking into as many places as we can. It is exciting and tough. I've been really enjoying the deer hunting here! Regret not trying it for so long.

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