Scouting 7/22


Oct 26, 2011
Riverside, CA
Went up to A31 to do some scouting this weekend, that place is a zoo on weekends. We went to "spot a" saw lots of sign fresh scat and tracks found the trails they were using for water. This will probably be my go to spot come season opener. We then headed to "Spot b" and it was dead did not see any sign so we hit the road looking for new locations. Found a spot that looks like it might hold deer water food and shelter all present. We spent about 2 hours glassing from a ridge top looking for movement and did not see any but Im still confident in that location. We then traveled up higher to just glass as many areas as possible and we didnt see any movement until about 10 am. then about 4 does walked out and started feeding. All in all it was a productive trip I just know i wont be hunting on weekends there for sure. I also have an AO tag so Im going to be checking a few locations to find my secondary area. How has everyone else pre-season scouting been going? I have only been able to make it out a few times and have seen plenty of does but no bucks as of yet.
I have hunted that zone for many seasons and have pulled a handfull of A31 bucks from those deep canyons. The areas with all the people are easy to get to but will not have any bucks until Nov. when its too cold for the city folks. The does can be found most everywhere if that's what you're after, but the hard part is finding one that doesn't have a fawn with her.
Thanks buckhunter, Whether i go for a doe or a buck I want to get away from the roads as much as possible. For this first scouting trip i chose to stay within a couple of miles of the main trails due to not being able to find a map anywhere, I stopped at the forest service station in both Glendale and wrightwood and neither had maps.

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