hey guys .
i have a couple questions.

1 when do you guys start scouting your hunting area for patterens ? or do you guys go out year around and locate and track deer the whole year ?

2 this question may be a stupid one but i got to ask this . i understand that there is deer all over the Cleavland nation forrest but is the a descent population around the lake henshaw area ? like in the canyon the 76 runs threw to get to the lake ?. iv been out scouting and walking around up there a bunch this year and i haven't seen any deer .

thanks guys for your info .

1, Middle of July,I'll start putting in some time to see what's out there.

2, Yes the deer are all over the CNF. Some areas are better than others. The area you are asking about will hold deer.
Get up out of the canyon as high up as you can with a pair of binos and glass. The canyon you are talking about is a mix of Reservation, private property
and CNF. If you can get a hold of a CNF map it will help you so you don't get in any trouble with the Indians or the PP owners.
Lungpopper: So do you go out early morning and before sundown as you would really look for more movement at those times same as you would hunting?? Or do you do it at anytime throughout the day? Maybe a mixture of both depending on what time you have available?
Lungpopper covered it no matter what area you want to hunt what he recommended applies.
So i went and checked my scouting camera this weekend and found some good pics. Thought i'd share with you guys :) So here's one of them !!!! :D :D :D :D


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