Some trout for the smoker


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Oct 16, 2013
on the mountain
Burn with wood, and mesquite chips
Webber gets a little to hot brinkman was 150 Degrees. Still smoking the rabbit. Melted stick of real butter.
Mixed in driffrent seasons. I braised the meat with butter while grilling and smoking. Fish is done. Smoking rabbit a little longer. IMG_20181220_152437.jpg
Stuck a meat thermometer in rabbits
To make sure I had it high enough.
The Weber was easier to control.
Brinkman a little erratic. But ok.
It got away from once.


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Oct 16, 2013
on the mountain
Just a word of warning.
I use wood instead of charcoal or gas, must use wood that is non toxic. Pine is considered toxic,
And certain wood like eucalyptus.
Fruit and nut trees wood is good to go. I generally use oak.
Mesquite, and hickory.
While back Walmart had a sale on a bigger smoker. I should of bought one. I contemplated making one. To produce bigger quantity of smoked meat.
And dehydrated fruits.
Smoked cheese is dam delicious.
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Sep 26, 2018
Went out to santee lakes yesterday with @Mattydoesntknow to do some trout fishing. He had never been there before and hadn't fished in a number of years so I was hoping to get into some action. After walking around and trying a few spots and talking to a couple people and getting some tips we started hitting them. Everyone around seemed to be getting into them to. We probably saw close to 30 trout taken in just a couple hours. I was able to bring in 3 and Matt landed 2 but one broke off the line. I landed 2 off of powerbait and 1 off a mini jig that a guy gave me for helping him with my net when he was catching them. Overall we saw lots of action, the ranger even caught a couple guys in our area who were fishing without permits and they left real quick leaving behind a stringer full of fish. It was a pretty eventful day at the lake. Now I plan to brine and smoke them whole. I've never done it before but thought I'd give it a shot and maybe make a smoked trout dip.

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