Spot and Stalk Archery Pig


Oct 26, 2011
Riverside, CA
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I went to Paso Robles to hunt Craig Cavelleto's ranch for my first pig hunt. First off this is a great place to hunt, lots of pigs and the owner Craig was a blast to hang out with and hunt with. He is very knowledgeable and has no problems teaching a newb and answering every question i could throw at him.
I arrived Friday at 4 pm, after meeting the guide he explained he would like me to take a few practice shots then we would go for a drive and see if we can spot where they are bedding down and come up with a plan for the next morning.
As i was jumping in the truck he said "Grab your bow just in case" so grabbed my bow (didnt change clothes or anything thinking i wasnt really hunting that evening.)

We went to the first spot and he explained that he would like to set me up there in the morning for an ambush as they work their way through the trail for water in the morning. so we walked to where i would set up and I range out some land marks and the trail. We then went to the top of the hill to glass and spotted about 5 Tule Elk, this was my first time seeing these animals. We then went to another location to see if we could see where they are bedding down. Once we arrived we glassed for about 2 hours then decided to go for a walk. we walked along an upper ridge when Craig stopped us and said "I see one under a tree." we put the glass on him and ranged him out at just under 300yds away. He then asked if i wanted to try and put a sneak on him, Figuring this being the first day of a 3 day hunt i said sure, I have never tried before and if i blow it i will at least learn from it. So we came up with a plan for me to get within bow range and keep the wind in my face. I then began walking across the canyon over a barbed wire fence and through the oak trees moving as slow as possible. Once i was within 50 yds I walked down the canyon and would approach them form the bottom up, now i was within 30 yards still could not see them but could here the grunting i slowly moved from tree to tree, range the tree they were under at 20 yards and the grunts became louder and more frequent, as i was trying to decide how i would move in a little further one stood up and stared right at me luckily i saw him standing before he looked in my direction and immediately froze under a small oak and waited At this time i was about 15 yards away I could see his eyes and whiskers in detail. I waited as still as possible waiting for him to turn and present me with a shot. He then lost interest in my direction and turned broad side to see what his buddies where up to, I drew back and sent one, the shot felt and looked good, full pass through and he darted off in the opposite direction, I waited about 15 minutes then signaled to Craig that i got a hit but he was on top of it as i saw him moving int he direction the pig was headed. I waited another 15 minutes to let his buddies clear out before making a move i walked up the hill and circled back to where i saw the hit. I immediately found some blood and began following the trail when i heard Craig yell my name and to get up the hill. so i started up the hill as fast as i could still shaking. Once to the top he said "you got him! i watched him go down lets go get your pig I went to cross the fence again and he said "no he went back down the canyon you have to hike back down" and i guess my face turned white because he started laughing and said he was kidding and to follow him to the pig. a short hike later and there he was i examined the shot and estimated that i got a double lung shot. confirmed this when we cleaned him up back at the ranch. It was a great hunt very exciting and rewarding. I was then able to spend the rest of my weekend going to hunting school with Craig I learned more in those two days then I could have in 2 years on my own.
* i do not have access to photo bucket at work so if any one wants to see pics I can email them.*


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I spoke with Craig Cavalletto on the phone this morning. He seems like a nice guy. We are trying to work out a video hunt with him over the next month possibly.
He is a great guy to hunt with you will have a good time. Are you going to do a rifle hunt or a bow hunt? My buddies rifle hunt was quite a bit different then my bow hunt. We leave the cabin at 5:45am and headed to the water tower to glass as we pull up Ryan (my buddy) says "is that a pig behind us?" we all turn around and a nice boar was walking up a trail about 80 yards away, Craig says "if you want him take him" BANG hunt over back to the cabin by 6:45

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