Ted is getting very hungry!


Trying to be the man my dog thinks I am.
Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
My snake is active and looking for food! Thought I would share as he looks pretty cool right now.


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Wow! Make sure u keep it in the cage. Maybe snake charmer would like to borrow it for a while. Lol!
Ted (named after the "Motor City Madman") is a 7' Red tailed Boa. He is very friendly and likes to give big hugs!

The story goes - my son age 14 wanted a snake. Had to have one and was going to pay for it on his own. So off we went and bought a 15" snake. So 3 enclosures later, lots of rodents and bedding - the snake is 7' and my son is 22 years old. I am not one to shirk responsibility so I am stuck with a huge snake. It is what it is.
You sure it is not a columbian? A lot of places used to sell Columbians and call them Columbian red tails. I've had a couple of each so I was just curious. They are great snakes to keep as large snakes and are much less aggressive than the pythons. You need to go on a rabbit hunt for food.
Ted having a snack and then finishing with a cigar. Jr (our cat) pushing his luck outside the tank!


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Unfortunately Jr. is petrified coyote scat. He was a damn good cat - for a cat. I am sure Ted misses him visiting his tank.. 8)
I've seen Ted in action and it's very scary how he squeezes the poor rats but is a really cool animal.
Also new the cool Cat Jr. whom me and my kids used to call the blender! (long story) 8)
Actually it was a pack of coyotes...

Hot enemas will be served in due time.

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