The anticipation; hard work and looking for reward


Trying to be the man my dog thinks I am.
Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
The anticipation; hard work and looking for reward

Our season is upon us. As we fish, transition into hunting or multi-task both in the months of September - October, we start to dream in a different way. Going to bed is now full of dusted off memories in anticipation of our new season.

- Like a small child who marvels the simple but mysterious world with young eyes...we drift into distant blinds and grand fields with a less complex goal than the world around us. Like a rock that has seen many sunrises, we gander into the unknown season with a twinkle of what could be and what we will leave with; to appreciate as we age.

We have had a grand dove opener - my dog and I. Dusting off our bad habits and working toward more rigid disciplines; without each other our goals are empty, together they are complete and fulfilled.

I can't express how much fun the past weeks have been and how much fun we had as we prepared to make more memories in the 2011 season. I hope all the folks on this board are enjoying the fun that is created with the season that has now started. It's funny, I felt young again...dreaming, thinking and looking forward to dove season.

I will leave you all with some words that I wrote shortly after a friend passed away after a weekend spent in a goose blind.

"The mind wanders in the waterfowl blind like no other place. The
accounts of a lifetime, both mistakes and accomplishments can be
realized during a single hunt.

Duck hunting is about mistakes and second chances, companionship and
solitude, getting more by asking for less. Goose hunting though, is
far less forgiving, but the overall rewards are just.

Time spent in a blind with a good friend during less than ideal
conditions or mediocre hunting, is a far greater and lasting experience than time
spent in the blind with an acquaintance during excellent hunting conditions.
These are the principle differences that are encountered between someone who
has been hunting waterfowl for many years and is humble about his experiences,
and someone who has limited years of experience and feels he must express
more than his actions speak.

Experience is something that cannot be attained by or through someone
else and their actions or accomplishments; but only ones own achievements
will truly recognize proficiency.

Time spent in the waterfowl blind can give a lifetime of wisdom, or
sometimes---an agonizing reality check. I feel for the man who has
never stepped foot in such a place and have even deeper regret for the man
who has not shared such a journey with a close friend.

Life has a way of passing by quickly, sometimes before we have a chance
to realize where we have been and where we are going. A tragedy none the

- John

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