The Labyrinth called Estelle Mt. Ecological Reserve


New Member
Jul 5, 2012
Murrieta, CA
Has anyone been able to successfully navigate this yet? I was out today and spent about an hour back and forth on dirt roads and cannot say I ever officially found it. According to the DFG map, the main road should cut straight through it and end you on BLM land but all I found was "keep out" signs. It looked like a pretty good area since it connects between the two lakes but I didn't see anything out there except the squirrel that suicided under my car, really! it wasn't my fault. Is it even worth it?

I went directly to my local DFG office regarding this area a few months back. They told me this area never panned out what it was suppose to be was they had this ecological reserve and they were going to put in guzzlers purchase some of the land surrounding it then open it up for hunting. the deal fell through and left this area pretty much an island surrounded by private land, I did find a public route to this area but didnt see any signs of life once i got up there. The DFG guy i spoke with pretty much said it was not worth my time.
Thanks Cali, kinda felt the same based on where I was and what I was seeing. Talked to DFG and they were pretty vague about it. Well check that off my list of don't bothers for upland game.
That being said, is anyone familiar with the BLM interface for GPS units? Being in southwest Riverside county there is a lot of BLM land, I've seen one for about $100 just wanted to know if it works? It is supposed to map out BLM areas much like they have national forest.
I was going to look into that areas as well. Think I'll kill that idea... As for BLM land just order a blm map of the area you are looking to hunt.

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