To Shoot Or Not To Shoot Mechanical Broadheads (excellent article)

The only mechanical heads I ever tried were the Rages. After fumbling around with them for a full season I only use them for turkey hunting now. I cannot tell you how many times one of the blades would fall open on me. Most of the time it was happening while stalking through tall grass but there was one time while sitting in a tree stand the blade fell open while it was sitting on my bow hanger! I have heard that they redesigned the rubber grommet which holds the blades in place soon after my experience. I just decided for me that a fixed was the piece of mind that I was looking for when big game hunting. To each's own though. Shoot what you have confidence in!
I shot fixed blade heads for years.(many many years) I just wasn't sold on the mechanical part of it opening reliably. Over time I have become more open minded to the mechanical broad head to the point I started shooting them last year for the first time. So far what I like the best is that they fly closer to my field tips than any other broad head I have shot. I have practiced with them out to eighty yards and they drop off about four inches compared to my field tips due to a little drag from the blades. Never was I able to get a fixed blade head to shoot that close to my field tips at that distance consistently. So for now I am sold on the mechanical heads.
I guess I don't understand the reason why it is so important to find something that shoots as close as possible to field tips? I shoot field tips all off season but come season I shoot nothing but broadheads. I adjust my site to where they hit where I aim. Once the season is over I adjust back to field tips. What am I missing here? ???
For me I like the convenience of only changing my tips and not my sight. It's a plus that I can hit the target at longer distance with confidence.
I am still a little skeptical about mechanicals. I think I will try them for turkey this upcoming season. Probably buy G5 T3s.
I've had the same experience as Mergrath with the rages. I always seem to have a blade kick loose while moving through areas. It is just another thing you have to keep in mind while hunting . I usually hunt with and prefer a cut of contact broad head for pigs and trocar tipped broad heads for everything else. It is less to think about and you don't have to worry about a blade not deploying or a arrow deflecting due to the shot angle. I will say this though the rages cut a glory hole through deer and are good for knocking heads off of turkey.

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