Tree Stand Theft


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Sep 13, 2011
Alpine, Ca
Well it happened to me :mad:
Was out scouting today, hit a couple spots this morning then went by my stand (that was there 3 weeks ago) and I could see it was gone from about 80yds out. My stomach dropped, what the f!@k is wrong with people, stealing another man's property, that he has worked hard for, is something I have no tolerance for!!!
Any way as I got to the tree this mother effer cut my cable lock with some tin snips then cut off every ratchet strap and left the ratchets, hooks, and cut cable at the bottom of the tree.

I had taken the bottom 10' of the ladder with me when I got out of it last and cable locked the thing to the tree up at the stand itself but obviously someone either wanted it REALLY bad or some tree hugger thinks he is a real bad ass. Either way I'm out a stand and half of my ladder.

I just can't figure out why they would cut off all the straps, makes me think they had no intention of using it again which would make the thieves tree hugging libs, but why would they leave the pieces there and not clean them up? Maybe to give me the finger I guess :-\. Oh well looks like I'll be looking at stands on craigslist.

What are some of the tricks you guys use to make sure your stands don't dissapear, and have you had one stolen? Thanks guys, sorry for the rant. Brad
:eek: :eek: :eek:. Sorry to hear about your stand bossman. Happened to me also a couple years ago. Anyways, I met a game warden and he told me that your not suppose to have ur stand hung up until right before the season. He also told me that there are rangers out there looking for stands when theyre not suppose be hung there yet, and they just cut them down and trash em. With the way u explained the way u found yours, seems to me like they found yours and cut it down !! Don't sound like anybody stole it. When mine was stolen, they had only cut off the lock, and everything else they took. It was obvious they were going to use it again. I know that feeling in your stomach. It sucks!!! But as for yours, and the way thet Game Warden explained it to me, I believe that the forest rangers got a hold of it, and took it to trash the stand itself. Just thought i'd share that with you. Good luck to you.
Thanks for the reply, I've accepted it now just gonna do a little more security and only have it up when I'm gonna use the thing. I have the seat and half the ladder so all I need is a platform and some climbing sticks, won't be breaking the bank replacing it. Might set up back on that spot with a ground blind in early October.
yea had one of my stands stolen a few years back also..barley flats area...before the fire...took my stand and left food wrappers and beer cans in place of it...thieves and litters bugs wrapped in one...!!
that sucks. you try to be a silent hunter and they still mess with you. gw probably wanted your spot

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