Tree stand ?


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Sep 17, 2012
Never use one and have no idea what to look for, so any one out there that would like to share info on what they use, why they like it, and things they don't like about it, what are the most important things to look for in a stand for use if California?

thanks for any help given
Very good question. In SoCal we have pine and oak trees, so a climbing stand is not going to work well at all. I like the brand Summit. I look for a light weight stand made from Aluminum with a big platform. If you’re a heavy guy you’ll need a bigger stand. Check the rating. Stand hunting is not for everyone, but if you can put in the hours it will pay off.
Thanks kind of what I thought as far as no climbing stands. What do you use to get up the tree climbing sticks or harness and spurs?
Climbing sticks with a bike lock on them. Sometimes I remove the bottom part and take it with me so people can't go up so easy and steal my stand and video camera arm etc.
The cheapest one with the biggest platform you can find! I wouldn't worry about the weight so much as you will only be carrying it in and out once a year. Get a comfy harness and always wear it. I have my harness and strap tight so i can just barely sit down because you will start to nod off and when you do you wont be able to go far before it wakes you up.
I have two types of stands, I personally like the old school type that pivots, most of the trees in So. Cal. that you would put a stand in are Live Oaks, they never seems to have a plumb trunk, so get one that adjusts a lot is the best advice I could give besides ALWAYS wear an approved harness like Srfnkill said.
The way I see it is to go with the cheapest lightes hang on. U can find on ebay I just got one for 45$ and only weighs 14lbs.with people stealing treestands like crazy I see no point in buying a 5llb stand that's gunna run me 150 plus.u can put a bike lock on it but if people really wanna be jerk offs they r just going to cut it off with whatever they that's y I stay cheap and lightest I can find for that far as steps home depot has some screw in ones for reasnoable prices.
I've been putting my hang-on up and moving it when I find better places to hunt. They are a bit annoying to move from spot to spot, but they are worth it. I bought a hang-on from amazon and some climbing sticks there too. the stand was only like $33 and it comes with a full body harness. It's very sturdy, here's the link to it:

I weigh 251 lbs. and I feel like its pretty solid. I went to Lowes and bought a 7 ft 1/2 in. coated cable and a firearms lock. Cable only cost like $9. My stand shouldn't be coming off the tree unless they cut the tree down. Best bet though, get a climber from summit. The Viper SD is good. That's my next purchase. Plenty of pine trees and a few oaks, nothing to worry about though as long as you use the proper safety precautions i.e. tethering upper seat to lower climbing platform, putting in your fall arrest device, etc...
Happy hunting!

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