Turkey Choke question


Oct 26, 2011
Riverside, CA
Hey guys i have a mossberg 500 and was wondering what choke to use for turkey. should i just use the full choke that came with my accu barrel or is there a different choke i should use like a jelly head (not sure if they make this to fit the 500)
If you havn't already,take your gun out with the full choke and pattern it.
Use some cheap cardboard @3'x3' draw a turkey on them or buy some turkey targets and shoot them starting around 30 yards,then 40-50.
This will tell you what range your choke is capable of. If you can't put 7 or 8 bb's in the head neck area at 50 yards, then try a different choke.
Pattern it on the live turkey. Shoot the Turkey, walk over to it, pick it up and look at how many shot pellets are in the neck head and body. Take a couple of pictures of it and post it in the forum. Then decide if you need another choke. It has always worked for me.

;D ;D ;D
What loads are you shooting? If shooting hevi shot, don't use traditional turkey chokes. I really like the Winchester extended range with a jelly head choke or hevi shot with briley improved modified.
Not sure which loads im gonna shoot yet I was going to buy a couple of boxes and try some out see which i like best this is my first time using a gun for turkeys, i always went with my bow in the past, but my buddy who actually won the hunt and im partnering with asked me to use my gun, i guess he doesn't have the confidence in my archery skills that i do lol. he does make a good point though this may be the only time we get to hunt sutherland and he asked me "would you take a shot at a turkey at 40yds with your bow" my answer was no so he said just bring your gun then. So I gotta get my shotgun all ready to go, i only use my shotgun for ducks, quail dove etc.

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