Turkey hunt in Santa Ysabel


Nov 29, 2011
Southern California
Did you guys hear about the court case here in San Diego?
There is a man who wants to save the turkeys and stop this weekend's upcoming hunt.

According to him it will cause "irreparable harm" and "environmental damage".

Isn't he the same guy trying to stop the fireworks and wants the seals to have there own beach?
I think he allready has done Irreparable harm to the community.He is nothing but a leach,going around
suing people and businesses.
Yep, I believe it is due back in court this week and the concensus is that he will prevail. Why do people go around sticking their noses in things that have nothing to do with their own lives. We had a tree hugger complain to animal control that our rattlesnake avoidance training is cruel to the snakes and consequently lost a clinic in Del Mar because of it.
Hey Snake Charmer,
I don't have a need for the class or have a dog but do you let anyone come and just observe? I would be interested in seeing what happens in training the dogs.
His name is Brian Pease(Pease of S_ _ t) He is trying to set him self up to be a big man in the eyes of the Ecco-Terrorists.It was in court yesterday and the Judge shot him down.The Judge said there is no evidence to support his claims.He is claiming the hunters destroy endangered plant life and that the turkeys will suffer a torturous death.I think I will find the Judges name and praise her for applying common sense to her job.The youth hunt is on.
What a coincidence. He's running for city council in June! It was an easy way for him to get some free advertising.

I think his time would be better spent spiffing up his website.

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