Turkey opener.


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Mar 1, 2011
Well another season has started today and I had a great time. No big gobbler but I called in several Jakes at different times through out the day. My first set up was a total bust. Another new club member heard all the roosted birds in my area and decided he wanted to walk toward the roost as the birds were pitching down. I had several longbeards roosted and I though for sure I would have a good chance of having one of them land into my dekes. Well soon as the hens pitch off and the gobblers come down, I see a guy in camo stalking the flock of birds. Bad stuff. The birds scatter and I end up trying a separate spot where I immediately get a group of Jakes running toward me. I sit and watch as the Jakes size each other up and figure out what to do with my DSD hen decoy. After that I grab a some lunch try the area from the morning out without any birds. At around 1300 hours, clouds roll in and in less then 30 min it starts to rain.

It was a great day to be out and hopefully I can coax in a Tom tomorrow morning. How did every one else do?
Great Report. There are no turkeys up my way but it sure sounds like fun.
It sure is, lots birds in the lagunas this year also. Especially the south end, I think u counted 6 different roosts yesterday morning.
Callled in three Jakes about 7:30, had them at full draw at 16yrds.But couldn't make myself pull the trigger.There was endless gobbling at grey light but after fly down they henned up pretty tight.Nice day on the hill,good therapy.
It was getting pretty stormy at 1:00 when I left,But Im sure my eyes will pop open at 3:30am and I will flip the coin.I think Im off Mon and Tues,so I might bail out tomarrow.When it comes to turkeys there is only one thing you can count on for sure,And that is YOU CAN'T KILL ONE LAYING IN BED.
Good job,They do eat good.I like to cut the breast meat into strips and then soak them in buttermilk for a few hours then roll them in flour,then into the skillet until golden brown then salt and pepper,and MMMM Good.
Took my 4 year old with me today. Man what a trooper, he got up at 0300 with me and was a good boy up until 0900 when the cold temps got to him. I bundled him really good and triple layered his socks but the temps dipped to 28 degrees and when his feet started to hurt, the hunt was done. We were in a known productive spot but only heard 3 gobbles the time we were there. We did have a family of deer feed right into our decoys. After the hunt we played around with the turkey calls over at lake henshaw and my boy called in a long beard and three jakes with the box call. It was amazing to see my son work a box call and call in birds. Unfortunately it was a no shoot area so we just enjoyed watching the birds strut and gobble. Well back out tomorrow to try and get a longbeard.
Matagi- those birds your son called in are some old gal's pets and she is very protective of them. I see them all the time. she has some nice birds there, someday they will leave her property and meet their maker! On another note Ed Z from the tribune came up this morning and he and his hunting partner Corey from MC swim baits put two on the ground by 9:30. Nothing special 7" beards and short spurs but its all good!

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