Turkey tune up draw.


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Feb 17, 2011
Went to the Turkey tune up and drawing today at Lake San Vicente.
There was about 300 people there.
They had raffles, that included 3 shotguns, and hunting gear, targets, calls, decoys....etc.
There was 60 adult hunts at Lake Sutherland they were drawing for.
Also 12 youth hunts, and 1 wounded warrior.
Additionally, the County drawing for a two day youth hunt at a County park in Julian.

My daughter and I walked away with an Adult hunt for her, and an adult hunt for me.
( I can go with her, but if I hunt with her, I can not hunt again( meaning I couldn't use mine))
So I can Observe and call at hers, and then I can use my hunt draw for myself.
We also won a Primos Gobbler hunting vest in the raffle.
It was a long day, but a good day!
Had a very good time, but it dragged out a bit long.
I was thinking I would see a few of you out there.
I was planning on going but my brother finally got his Remington 700 together so we went to Plaster City to do some shooting. Some of our friends joined us and I watched my buddy's dad shoot himself through the hand with a .22...missed the bones though! His mistake. He tried to clear a jammed Buckmark 22 pistol and somehow it went off. Thankfully, it was a clean pass through the meaty part of his palm. I offered up the trip to the E.R. but he soldierd through, put a bandage on it, and kept shooting.

So, sorry I missed the tune-up but had I been there you might be out a hunt!
I was there and also won a hunt, my buddy and i will be hunting opening day which area did you sign up for? we are set for the spot across the lake. Does anyone know if they allow you to scout at any point before hand?
You can go and scout on any regular open day's you do need to be out by closing time which is before there roosting time that I noticed. You have to take a boat across so that will take away some of your scouting time for trying to roost them I would go a couple times early and watch from shore with binos to try to locate. Then if you get a visual you can start from there try to find their roosting trees you will notice when you find them under the tree and on the tree will be lot's of dropping's and feather's so keep your eyes open under every tree. When you find what your looking for find the best route in (in the dark ) so you will be good to go on your morning. Congratulation's my wife and I were there we din't draw. My wife was bumbed a little she went with me last year and fell in love with turkey hunting she was my guest hunter but was not at the event so she was not legally allowed to shoot so she enjoyed the show. I do have a couple public land spot's but they take some effort to get to and with a heart condition it may be to much for her she might be passing on this season if we cant get into something that she can physically do congrat's again you should have a great time.
Matagi said:
I have guided hunters there before so if anyone needs help feel free to hit me up.
I would love some direction if you can provide it for me Matagi, Im going to be up there the weekend of the 25th for the Bear Ass shoot so I figure i can get in some fishing ;) at the same time. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

MSE sorry to hear about your wifes heart condition, I know of a few spots that are very easy to get to but in turn they are crowded, I did see a guy take a nice size Tom there last year though, i was so lucky. PM me if you wanna discuss spots.
CaliCreole not a very serious condition just makes it difficult for strenuous activity's. It sucked last rifle season it was her first year and all the good deer were deep and steep which she could not get to. I wanted to thank you on your offer we spoke and she was very grateful but declined she said she watches how hard I work to find my spot's she couldn't accept but wanted to make sure I thanked you.
Thank's again good luck

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