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Hey guys went out scouting last night out off black mountain road in Ramona , guys I didn't see anything. Normally I see at least a bunch of tracks in the road and signs of life out there ,but like I said there was nothing but 1 set of tracks it was a doe with it look like 2 fawns . Found a crossing that looked like was getting a lot of traffic by something or something's so I put my trail cam out to see what happeneds. Does any one hunt that area behind lake Sutherland and off black mountain road ???? I've never personally seen a whole lot of life out there but maybe you guys have ? I'm scrambling to find a desent spot to hunt for the a22 opener andits tuff scouting, everywhere I go is like walmarton at Christmas time .......

Thanks guys any info will help ,

Ps I only hunt with a bow so maybe I should look some where else .?

Rule 1 is to be patient; Rule 2 is to follow rule 1. What are your techniques during scouting? Are you constantly walking? Or are you sitting and glassing?

You posted about the Henshaw area a few weeks ago and I have seen plenty of deer there on public land; you just have to refer to rule 1; sometimes it takes sitting and glassing a few hours before crawling to next spot... watch wind, sky lining and any other actions that will make you stand out, if you notice the deer will x10. Just my .02 cent.
Yea man I spent 3hours up there got out ther at about 430 stayed till dark and I sit and glass for a while than I'd move . I do got add haha but seriously I should slow down for sure .
Thanks bow hunter!
Brandon, I agree with bowhunter. Your best bet is just sitting and glassing sometimes for hours; just find the right spot to glass. My two cents... Find a tree along a ridgeline (good vantage point) and sit against it to avoid sky lining. Then if you haven't done so already; train your eyes to find movement. If you have ADD this should be easier, LOOK SOMETHING SHINY!!! MY OPINION, don't look for anything, look for movement. It will help you in all hunting. You will be amazed by what you start seeing once you stop trying to find one thing. You will probably notice, what you are looking for isn't the way you thought it would look.

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