What kind of Bino's, Spotting/Rifle Scopes, and Tripods are you using and why


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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
This is an awesome topic with lots of opinion to go around...And cool stuff to learn.

What kind of binoculars are you using and how many different ones to you bring on a hunt?

Do you use a spotting scope?

What is your drop dead favorite rifle scope? And for what type use?

What type of tripod are you using - what head do you like?

Let's here it?
Now you've done it! The worm bin is open! I use Bushnell 10 x 50's that I've had for at least 30 years. They work just fine. I know there are lighter and better ones out there now, but that's what I have and I can't see replacing them. Spotting scope? Not really, although I do carry a small Tasco 16x "spy glass" type scope. I found it somewhere as a special for $10. Figuring that a $10 scope would be good enough for the grandkids to play with, I bought it. When it arrived, I changed my mind and kept it for me. It's small, it works and it has surprisingly good optics. My favorite scope is my Bushnell 3-9 variable. I had it on my hunting rifle (Thompson Center Omega) but recently switched it over to a varmint rifle I just bought. It's now on a Remington 788 in 222 caliber. The Omega got a Bushnell 4x. No tripod.
Leupold Vari XII's most of the scopes also VXI. Older Redfield widefields on a couple and a Weaver.
For the bino's the Leupold Northfork 8.5 X 45.
Spotting scope an old Busnell Trophy that my step dad gave me along time ago and it has served me
well over the years.
Harris bipod
Tripod ? don't know what it is but works for the bino's the spotter and the camera.
Having some work done on my 338 when i get it back i'm going to upgrade the glass,have'nt
decided what to put on it but leaning toward the Z3-Z5.
I bought a pair of Vortex Razor 10x50's for a South Dakota mulie hunt a few years ago, and I liked them so much, every optic I've purchased since has been Vortex. Besides the big 10's I have 8x42's that I use in the 3D archery tournaments (8x is the max allowed). My favorite scope is my Vortex Viper 6.5 - 20 x 44 that's on my Savage .204. It's an awesome scope that even the guys on SnipersHide are starting to rave about.

Don't have a spotting scope yet - but you can bet it will be a Razor HD when I can afford it...
For spotting I use 15x60 Doctor binos mounted on a gigantic and reeeeaaalll heavy Mafrotto tripod and head. I carry these things all over the hills and need to get a lighter tripod for sure. I also carry my Ziess 10x40 (old school ones...not the crap made now) at the same time. Those are always at the ready for quick spotting.
Swarovski 10x42 8)

They will last forever ! I could pass them on to my son some day, but for now it’s in my will to be buried with them.
My List of stuff I can't live without:

Leica Ultravid 8x30 HD binocular

Leica LRF 800 rangefinder

Leica Televid 77 (80mm) 20x - 60x Spotting scope

Monfrotto aluminum tripod with a squeeze trigger

Leupold Vari-XIII 2.5-8 and the Vari-XIII 3.5-10

On the list to buy:

Leica Ultravid 15x50 HD Binoculars (when they come out)

Ya' I am a Leica freak.

For the money - I like the Leupold Vari-X III scopes (in-particular - the 2.5-8 and the 3.5-10). I have had Schmidt & Bender's, Leica's, Swarovski's, Burris's and hands down I like the Leupold's. OK, I like Schmidt & Bender better but for the money the Leupold is the bargain scope!

Leica because the HD glass is the finest in the bino industry. (IMHO)

Leupold because it is clean, crisp, elegant and it does not fail. (I have had my worst luck with Swarovski both bino and scope - no offense Jim)

Schmidt & Bender - Well it is the finest scope in the world. They are made one at a time and that is all they do! They build scopes, period. They make the best hunting and tactical scopes on earth (yes I think they are better than NightForce - by a long stretch).

These are my express opinions derived from my experiences - I know less than most and half as much as some! ???

My two cents...

No offence taken John. I’m sure there are many other great products out there. I don’t shop around too much. I find something that works for me, and I stick with it until it fails or a friend shows me a better one.
Thanks Jim - My buddy Fred has a Swarovski 3-9x rifle scope on his Remington 700 25-06, a pair of the 8X30 SLC binoculars and the 80mm spotting scope. He loves all three and has had no challenges.

If Leica does not come out with a 15x binocular this year I am going to buy the Swarovski 15x56 and slap it on a tripod!

Its all good!

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