Wolves and OR7 - Track his where-abouts

If there was a well thought out plan that included managing the resource by hunting, then yes - for it. But knowing California, they wouldn't manage the resource and it would end up just like the cougar - out of control!

So I am against it. I will say though, I think OR7 is cool and I am rooting for his survival as an individual animal. So flame away folks!


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Take a look at last weeks western outdoor news for more bad news, there is an article regarding bear hunting, the dfg has announced that since Kalifornia has become so diverse population wise that they must manage bears for everyone (read humane society of the united states) and that hunting will no longer be the only alternative for population control and that since not all the folks in our state are pro hunting they will be exploring new alternatives. The humane society has chimed in that they are very happy with this new stance
As far as the wolf goes, I'm all for them if us hunters are given the chance to help manage the numbers. I think the state could make a FORTUNE if they were able to let us hunt a given amount of cougars a year; just like they do with the bears. But since this state has got its' collective, liberal, head so far up it's own @$$ it wouldn't know a good management idea if it shat on their granola bars, I'm not holding my breath.

And as for bear hunting in this state, I think it's ridiculous that DFG feels the need to further restrict hunting opportunities for bear. People (read liberals...again) travel to Yosemite for vacation, see bears in the park, and drive home trying to protect them because they're "cute" or "majestic" animals. It makes me want to vomit.

I lived 10 miles outside Yosemite for 2 years and loved it. Oakhurst was an awesome place to spend time in the woods because no two areas were the same. The first bear I shot I had validated by a Park Ranger (back before ONLY DFG could validate tags) from Yosemite. I had to drive to the park entrance off Hwy 41 and sit there for an hour for the ranger to show up. In the meantime, I sat there with the tailgate down showing the bear off to all the tourists...and I got quite a response! Nearly every other car pulled out of line to get out and look at, and touch, the bear. Lots of pictures were taken with that bear and I'm sure I, well it, was the highlight of many vacations that year. Not one person bad mouthed me or gave me grief for my taking of said bear. It wad truly a unique experience. But would I do it again today? Hell no! Nowadays I'm sure I'd be the target!!

Just my $.02

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