Working up some .260 loads


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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
I just finished prepping 50 pieces of .260 brass. I am going to load 120 grain Hornady GMX bullets. I am excited, these bullets have a .480 BC. I will begin barrel break in on the Sako tomorrow with factory 140 grainers and probably have some of the hand-loads ready for testing on Wed or Thur.

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
That's what I'm talking about! Just finished stuffing some brass with reloader 19...
I just finished up stuffing more .260 Rem cases with IMR 4350. Got my hands on some 6.5mm 120 grain Barnes TTSX's. They are pretty slippery at .443 BC! I have not shot the GMX's yet so it will be interesting to see which shoot better (GMX's are stuffed with Reloader 19 and both with Fed 210M primers). The barrel is a 1-8" twist so both should stabilize well.

The GMX is 1.400" in length and the TTSX is 1.330" in length. Quite a bit of difference in the two. My OAL with the GMX is 2.895 and the OAL with the TTSX is 2.870.

Very curious!
Returned from the Range with a fair amount of success. The Barnes TTSX 120 wins this first round of testing over the GMX.

Found a winning combination with 44.5 grains of IMR 4350, Fed 210M primers, Rem cases and the 120 grain TTSX. Just a hair over a half inch group (.624") at 100 yards. This will be the load I pig hunt with this weekend.

3.25" high at 100 yards! Perfect...


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Very nice group. :) Can't do much better without putting them in the same hole.

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