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    Ca big game

    Good luck on that hunt. Ive been really intrigued by X9B. Id be very interested to hear from you on your scouting trips. If you ever want some company Id love to take a weekend up there scouting around. I dont mind driving.
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    silly question

    The only tag you would be able to buy are the OTC tags. If you are in the draw you cant get restricted or premium tags until a later date.
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    Mid to late June. Usually around the 15-20th or so if I remember correctly.
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    @Lungpopper . Is that Elk or Deer meat? Looks awesome! Still havent had a chance to try any wild Elk yet. Ive only had Elk at a restaurant.
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    The guys making control burning (fire) on laguna.

    Exactly! Everyone just leaves em up there year round and then are stunned when the Forest Service removes them. Ive seen stands in places up there that havent been moved in 5+ years......
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    AZ proclamation is posted!

    Thats a ton of points, figured you were done applying for anything here. And we all know that its a forky at minimum.... Sporks are beneath you!! And that being said I would hunt with you anyday of the week, you definitely put the hurt down on the animals.
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    AZ proclamation is posted!

    Dont worry about old Hatchet, he is pulling your leg.
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    The guys making control burning (fire) on laguna.

    Bummer for you, Im sorry all your stuff was removed but youre not supposed to leave it out on public land. Forest service removing your property is not theft.....It shouldnt be left out there after the season. If anything you are making more work for the forest service when they have to remove...
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    42 years

    Happy Anniversary Lee!
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    License & first tag paid

    D16 and A22 are both restricted.
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    Ridge2Ridge Outdoors Podcast

    Nice! Love hearing local guys on a podcast! Keep it up.
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    It was a tough shoot today

    That was a fun shoot. Best one Ive done so far. That steel deer was ringing all day long. Claimed a ton of arrows.
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    Camping gear necessities

    Sweet pickup! Glad you got what you wanted for a good price.
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    Shed Hunting

    I saw that, funnier than hell! He was doing circles around it!!
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    Camping gear necessities

    Someone is selling the MSR on rokslide for $290.00....