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    Kuiu pack question

    Load sling cannot be used at the same time as the bag. You use the bag as a load sling......Basically you pack the meat (meat goes into small game bags and place all of it into one large bag) between the frame and bag and cinch it down. Its super easy to do. look up "kuiu meat hauling" on youtube
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    What did you shoot your first deer with ? I shot my first deer with a.

    Mine was with a Stevens 200 in .270. Still have and love that rifle!
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    New Bow Hunter

    Need to find a chronograph. If there is an archery shop near you they should have one.
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    New Bow Hunter

    Cant know unless you get your actual arrow speed as well. Seems like a pretty heavy arrow for draw length and draw weight though. Edit--- I ran some hypothetical numbers. 500 grain arrow at 150 FPS is about 24.98lbs of kinetic energy a 450 grain arrow at 200 FPS would be about 39.92lbs putting...
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    Checking Cams

    Just rub it in why dont ya!!!:cool::cool:
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    Checking Cams

    While Im currently using a camera, I love the tablet idea. That way you can download the pics straight to the tablet, wipe the card after downloading, and re-use it again on the spot. As a matter of fact I have a tablet that I never use, but I will now.
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    Temp in the shade

    Lol. After a nice hike this morning, I got a little "hydrated" too.
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    Elk burgers

    Havent tried goose either....
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    Elk burgers

    I had never had the opportunity to try Elk before. I was lucky enough to have SCH's own Lungpopper offer me some Elk. I couldn't pass it up. I was going to try out some burgers to get a taste for it. Decided stuffed burgers would be best. Added a little seasoning...didnt want to overpower it...
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    Private land... ugghhhh...

    The only thing I noticed is that if you download maps for offline use they dont get updated. There are areas that are public if online, when I switch to offline they shows as private. Update your offline maps!!
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    Ca big game

    Good luck on that hunt. Ive been really intrigued by X9B. Id be very interested to hear from you on your scouting trips. If you ever want some company Id love to take a weekend up there scouting around. I dont mind driving.
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    silly question

    The only tag you would be able to buy are the OTC tags. If you are in the draw you cant get restricted or premium tags until a later date.
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    Mid to late June. Usually around the 15-20th or so if I remember correctly.
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    @Lungpopper . Is that Elk or Deer meat? Looks awesome! Still havent had a chance to try any wild Elk yet. Ive only had Elk at a restaurant.
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    The guys making control burning (fire) on laguna.

    Exactly! Everyone just leaves em up there year round and then are stunned when the Forest Service removes them. Ive seen stands in places up there that havent been moved in 5+ years......