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    Cool hand painted lamps

    Have had these stored for a few years now. Figure someone here may like them and have a place for them. Have the lamp shades too. About 30" tall and a 12" wide (without lampshades). Located in El Cajon. Prefer to meet locally in San Diego area. $70 obo.
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    @stikbrandon . Absolutely. Its something as hunters we should all educate ourselves about. It was a good listen for sure. Its funny hearing Billy doing a podcast. He is a really good guy. Good family man and a great representation of how hunters should conduct themselves.
  3. dano626

    CA booklet out.....

    D16 OTC...Say it isnt so!!:laughing:
  4. dano626

    Candy store score!!!!

    I remember the 1st time you posted it...Had me looking at the area! Just trying to save a few souls from spending the day up Ortega Hwy.
  5. dano626

    Candy store score!!!!

    LOL....I think Ive seen this pic before...couple years back?? Always a good one.:clap: EDIT: Good ol Billy Jr shot this back in 2015...I think it was in the same spot..Candy Store...
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    The SH*T other Hunters Do.... IS NOW LIVE !!

    Only one that stands out to me was a guy who walked up on me while I was glassing a valley. Instead of turning around when he saw me he proceeded to walk right past me and walk down into the valley. I think he was trying to push deer to his friends that just dropped him off.
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    Valley center turkeys!!

    An act of God.
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    XXL Down

    Oh My!!:clap:
  9. dano626

    Campground or Cabin

    Try the tiny village in Mount Laguna, nice and cozy, restaurant nearby and tons of trails to hike and explore. All the campgrounds in Laguna are closed right now.
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    Gear Question... Headlamps.

    Im running a Black Diamond headlamp as well for my main light. I do carry a cheap 5$ ebay headlamp as a backup. Its super light and tiny so it can pack away easily.
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    A22 Buck Down !

    Wow, what a nice buck. Great job Jim!
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    SoCal biggest and best

    When I first saw that garage I was in awe....Lots of horn porn. And yes the good stuff is inside!
  13. dano626

    Elk Camp 2019

    I see you have the most important thing to bring on an elk trip.....Bulleit Bourbon!! Cheers and have a great trip!
  14. dano626

    Lightweight Tripods

    What tripod do you currently have?
  15. dano626

    2nd & 3rd D16 weekend (bow, hit, lion) what would you do? + Poll

    So....What happened this weekend? Any luck back there?

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