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    6/13/18 leftover tags

    Only 176 A22 tags left! Well I bet my shot is low...
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    Draw results up

    Lots of preference points and a the wait for August 2nd!
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    New to the West

    Many "hunters" road hunt in D14 or hunt in close proximity to the road. I would recommend sticking with your game plan and hiking in and if possible, hunt during the week.
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    Bino harness?

    I love my marsupial bino harness. Definitely would recommend to anyone and like that it uses magnets to hold the flap open / closed. The owner was extremely nice and made my dad custom length straps for no extra fee.
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    Eastern Sierras - Crickets as Trout Bait?

    @Truduct I agree! I am looking forward to when my son understands fishing more (he is just under 2). My first time fishing up there was about 4 years ago and about 3/4 of my fish had pink flesh. They tasted amazing.
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    NWTF Monthly Meeting....5-20-18

    It was great meeting everyone that was there last night!
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    Eastern Sierras - Crickets as Trout Bait?

    Yeah that is my go-to setup for up, varying my leader with depth. I also drop shot from shore on the lakes with success as well. They love to hit as the bait is falling. Yeah I agree. I typically use 2 lb PLINE FlouroClear with Gamakatsu hooks as a fairly inexpensive setup but I have had lots...
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    Cuyamaca Afternoon Bite

    I just searched "crickets" at this popped up! I probably should have searched this before I started my thread but it is great to see that other people have success using them!
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    Eastern Sierras - Crickets as Trout Bait?

    Has anyone made it up to the Eastern Sierra's for trout fishing this year? I'll be up there all next week staying on the June Lake Loop, but plan to hit up mammoth lakes, as well as doing some fly-fishing. I usually use artificial baits (kastmasters, thomas boyounts, mice tails, mini jigs...
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    1st rifle questions

    All the responses above a excellent. Not much more to add except the my first rifle (outside of my 30-30) was a 300 win mag which is great but not fun to shoot more than 20 rounds in a traditional “hunting style” rifle (~7 lb, no muzzle break). For me personally, I take my .308 to the field...
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    I apologize how that came across but when I first saw banquet flier above I was imaging something along the lines of high school dance / my work Christmas banquet as I had no idea what the banquet entailed. After @MAG 1 reply I started digging around online and found the full brochure. I am...
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    I am interested to what goes on at the NWTF (5/19) and RMEF (5/12) Banquets. This may sound bad, but I am trying to figure out if it is worth my time. I've never gone before and it would be nice to know what the basic outline / overview of the Banquet is like. Thank you! Jake
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    Real ID

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    Real ID

    You are still legally able to purchase a gun even with the "Federal Limits Apply" as long as it does not have "This card is not acceptable for official federal purposes" on the back. If you go to get your real ID...
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    Bow n Arrow Shop 9748 Los Coches Rd Lakeside, CA 92040 Ph. (619) 443 5488 Store Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM