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    East Cape Bisbee

    That’s a BIG dorado. Congrats!
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    Redneck paradise

    Cherish it dude. My girls are in their 20’s now and I wonder how the H did that happen? Family vacation memories rule.
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    Wanted Ocean Trolling Setup

    If you haven’t already, check the classifieds on Bloody I’ve bought and sold stuff there. It’s a very active board with new listings every day. If you see something you want jump on it because good stuff goes fast on that site.
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    Big dove

    Head to Yuma and enter that Biggest Breast contest they hold each year.
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    Rattle Snake in the rain.

    You know it’s been dry when even rattlers wanna get wet.
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    The Islander 1.5 Day

    Yes, oily. And body is like others in the family, mackerel, bonito with bloody meat and soft bones. Easy to chop up and stuff bait holders without poking your hands.
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    The Islander 1.5 Day

    The problem with skippers is they’re in town at the same time as real tuna. So as I work my way through the freezer after tuna season, the skipjack is old and freezer burned by the time the good stuff is gone. But lobster season starts in October so....
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    El Cap....8-13-18

    Better than a poke in the eye. Nice bass. Boat breakdowns suck.
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    The Islander 1.5 Day

    Thanks for the report! The way this season has been your catch was outstanding. Skips are great roach bait too. You scored. I’d like to try the Islander.
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    Tormented by doves

    I hope I’m as active as you when I’m 70!
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    Tormented by doves

    I bet Steve has black and whites of himself skinning buffalo with the Indians lol.
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    Tormented by doves

    1986. I would have thought it ceased long before that. Great stories steve!
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    Tormented by doves

    When I was a kid there were duck hunting clubs in upper Newport Bay. Those sites are now a Mercedes dealership and a class A office building. I wonder if Mission bay or San Diego bay have a similar history?
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    Tormented by doves

    All things in due time my friend. Dove season first, then ducks and honkers.
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    Tormented by doves

    20 acres. Nice!! Start practicing euro head shots with your air rifle lol.