1st Archery Deer


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Sep 13, 2011
Alpine, Ca
So after hunting my first archery season last year without actually filling my tag, I came to the conclusion that I had a very succesfull season. When it came time to start scouting for this season I had an idea of where I wanted to hunt, I wanted to be able to take my daughters (5yr & 8yr) with me to do some scouting and then maybe if I could talk them into it I would drag them out for a hunt. Long story short, I got them out for some scouting but once it was time to get up at 3:30 am they didn't want any part of it. I was able to take them up to the Lagunas for a Camping trip with our usual desert group this weekend.

My hunting buddy and long time friend and I were commited to bringing a deer back to camp and sharing the whole experience with the combined 12 kids that were with our group back at the campground. After our morning sit didn't produce anything we headed back to camp hung out and decided to do an afternoon hunt. Got up to our stands late around 4:30pm but I was able to spot one right away at 115yds, she went behind a tree and disappeared, 45 min later 2 does popped out of that tree and started feeding towards me. They came as close as 70 yds after waiting to see if they were going to head over the hill to my buddies stand, they turned to leave the opposite direction. I was debating in my head as to whether or not to take a shot on one since they were very calm and still feeding without a care in the world. As I ranged them the last time at 75.5 I felt very calm, and confident that I could make a clean shot, so I clipped on my release, drew back, set my pin as I let out a breath and then let the arrow go. Seemed like slow motion as I watched it leave and I remembered all the hours I had practiced were all down to this, as the arrow dropped down into the shade I could see the deer flinch a split second before I heard the arrow hit what sounded like a log, they both took off in different directions, the one I shot at only took about one stride forward before I lost her behind the oaks. By this time I had to sit down I was sure I had made a good hit on her, my heart was racing as fast as my mind. After going through the shot for what seemed to be an hour I made my way down my tree and over to where my arrow was, as I got closer to my arrow I could see that there was not alot of blood, if any, my heart sank as I picked up my arrow and noticed some faint streaks on my vaines, I took a look down at the ground and saw that the path the deer took out of there was painted in bright red blood,the new Rage extreme's had done their job, at that moment I can't put into words the emotions that I felt as I had realized that all the work I had done scouting, hiking, researching, practicing had all paid off. I didn't even feel I had to nock up another arrow. Called my buddy to come down and meet me, she only went 35 yds and piled up. We were able to get her back to camp and share her with all the kids. Pulled her up on a tree and skinned and deboned her right there in the campground, the kids really were getting a kick out of the whole process, and was able to get a few dirty looks from some tree huggers that were walking by.
This might not be the big buck I had dreamed about getting for my first archery deer, but the whole experience could not have come together any better, I am very proud of this doe. I was able to get 35 lbs of meat off of her so with 55% in hide,guts,head and 15% bone I am guessing she weighed 120lbs on the hoof. Dropped off some meat to Jim for some sausage and jerky today.

I was also able to process this deer from start to finish without sharpening my new knife I had made. Last year I shot a small forky during D16 and didn't have a large enough antler to display so I took them over to Charlie Davis at Anza knives, he was able to turn them into some beautiful knives for $80 per knife. I highly recomend doing this with some antlers the price was very reasonable and the thing performed great.

Thanks for putting up with my rambling, Brad.


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Well done Brad. Great story and great pictures. It is nice that so many folks are involving their family (kids etc). You shot a beauty of a trophy in my book!
Any animal with a bow is a trophy in my book, great story that awesome
Great story and great shot. Having the kids there makes all the work you put in worth it. Pissing off some tree huggers makes it even sweeter! Nice work!
:) Congratz Capt! great story. I'm with topbuck, any bow kill is a great kill. Those rage xtremes performed good? ;)
Thanks for the story and the pics. Congrats any big game with a bow in SD is definitely a trophy! Great looking family too, thanks for sharing
Bow Kill !!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Captain ! You caught the bug.

Great story and pictures!
Thanks guys, I'll do my best to get a buck during D16, but I'll be heading to Texas for whitetail for 10 days of that season.
Good luck in Texas Capt! Cant wait to see pics of some nice whitetails on here. Good luck in d16 also :)
Can't go wrong with Texas. That should be fun. Take lots of pic's.

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