308 in the $500 price range

Larry Cochran

Utah Buck 2010
Jan 8, 2011
Alpine, Ca
Does anyone know of a gun manufacturer that has a quality gun in the $500 price range in 308 or even 300 wsm?
I am primarily a bow hunter but I would like to go rifle Elk hunting and I know either gun would get the job done.

I have never shot either of these guns, but the Axis series by Savage has a gun in .308 and is around $500 dollars. Ruger's American Rifle series has another gun in .308 for about $450 dollars.
I bought a Remington 700 .270 and a winchester model 70 .300 at walmart in san diego.As I recall the .300 was $326 and rhe .270 was $289. It was a few years ago but you can still order them there as they don't sell them in the stores. Maybe the Fine Firearms guys can help you out too. Ordering on gunbroker requires transfer fees and some places refuse to deal in california.. They do have deals though. They are out there, you'll find a good gun under $500.
Thomson Encore is a great rifle with interchangeable barrels and stock and I'm sure is within the $500.00 range. Barrels normally cost $210.00 do $300.00 so with little money you can convert it in to any caliber or even pistol configuration and is pretty accurate depending on the barrel style you buy.

Good luck...

T/C Encore is a great gun. I have one, you could find one for around 500 used but it would take some effort. My issue when i was looking for mine was find the caliber, stock and frame that I wanted, because they are so customizable. A model 700 for under 500 would be a nice pick up too. Remington's model 770 is under 500 dollars but I haven't heard great things about it.
Thank for all of the great info. I want something that is going to be accurate as well as affordable. I think i will have to check out Fine Firearms in La Mesa to see what they have. I hear that Savage is making a great rifle now but I am not set on any particular brand.

Larry, check out budsgunshop.com these guys have great prices and it's an easy transaction. I've had nothing but great experiences with them.

Don't be shy of the .30-06 either. It's a cheap round that will handle anything in North America. Also, Savage is good...but I love my Brownings! ;D
Savage has the Model 11 Trophy Hunter. It come with Decent optics that could be upgraded later down the road . Fine firearms in la mesa has them in stock also.
Be carefull when buying on line unless they have a local FFL to deal with. Being left handed I've bought many guns on line which I couldn't find locally. Most local shops will charge between $40 - $75 for processing guns sent from another FFL. For the caliber your looking at you should be able to find it locally. Savages will be a good choice in your price range. If you can save up a little more you could get into a low end tika. I'm not a fan of the Tika recoil lug but they shoot and I can't argue that.
BUD's has a list of FFL dealers on their site. Just pick one and that is where they send it. FYI, I saved over $350 on my last Browning. Put that towards a good scope! ;)
It has been a while since I have purchased a new gun. I want do my research and find the best gun for the best price. I have no problem spending a little extra money if I feel I am being taken care of but it is not worth hundreds of more dollars being spent. I will be checking out Fine Firearms and start price and selection. I did check out Buds yesterday and I will consider all options before purchasing. Great info guys.

Thank you,
I have bought my share of guns online and now only do it if I am looking for something no one else has or can get. Buying from a local shop in the long run will generally save you money. Here is why:

You are not saving sales tax - by law you have to pay California sales tax on not only the gun you buy online but also the shipping (ya I know some companies ship for "free").

You will be paying a transfer fee through the dealer which as noted above is $40 - $100.

Here is where the local guy is worth his price:

You can go down to a local store and handle his inventory. Questions can be asked and physical comparisons can be made. That is worth something.

If your gun isn't right (and this happens) you have a dealer to back you up. Here is a real example I personally experienced a week ago:

A friend ordered a "Browning" 625 Citori Light locally. Payed only half up front and when the gun came in - the wood was not to his liking. No problem - the dealer called the Rep and the gun was sent back and a new one re-sent. New one arrives and my friend shows up in dove camp with a Citori that has beautiful wood. What an expensive hassle that would have been if ordered on line. Pick your online nightmare scenario and fill in the blanks.

Some local companies will work with its customers regarding payments and layaway's. Customer service is a huge deal in my book and is worth a bunch when needed most.

To each his own, but I have learned that supporting local shops is not only good for you when you're in a pinch but good for all of us regarding local economy.
If you can find a local shop with good customer service then go for it. I have yet to experience it in any gun shop that I've found locally to date. Maybe post up your guys' recommendations on local shops. I'll just bite my tongue on which shops I feel lack greatly in the customer service department...and there's more than one.

FYI, my guns are fully warrantied through the manufacturer. ;D
I never purchased anything from buds but these people have
They have less than stellar reviews.
Randomshot said:
I never purchased anything from buds but these people have
They have less than stellar reviews.

Those are probably left by all of the local dealers...looks like BUD's is in need of some Reputation Defender! LOL
Randomshot said:
Well go on there and give them a 5 that might raise them up to 1.125 stars

I shared what my experience was and it was 5-stars. Better than any experience I got around here at any gun shop. Sorry if that offends your interest in some way. Toodles.
No interest involved I just got a kick out of it when I googled the site. Like I said earlier Ive purchased guns online. Realistically probably 60% of my purchases have been online but that is due to me being left handed. I wish I could walk into a store and find what I'm after which in this case ( caliber and price) I'm sure Larry could.

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