3D Shoots


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Jan 13, 2011
Alpine, CA.
Went to my first 3D shoot yesterday at Balboa Park.
It was great fun and quite a learning experience. It
was a pleasure to meet Mike, Justin and Larry. Larry,
thanks for the pointers you gave me during the shoot. Mike,
I hope to be able to talk and learn more from you in the future.

So far I've only been shooting on a semi flat 50 yard range at my
house. And I've basically only been shooting at 20, 30, 40 and
50 yards. I definitely need to work on shooting at distances between
these yardages and on up and downhill shots. I totally missed 4 shots.
3 were just under the belly of the 3D target and one was a little high.
So much to learn and so little time before turkey season.

There is another shoot this coming Saturday at the Lemon Grove Gun Club
out in Alpine. Below is their website. I hope to see some of you there.


Take care!

Joe, I agree San Diego Archers put on a great shoot. It was good to shoot with you and Angus yesterday. Keep on shooting and work on your in between shots. Animals are rarely at 20,30 and 40 yards and at the perfect place when taking a shot and you dont normally get to range them when they come in close to you. Practice as much as you can there are a lot of good shoots coming up. Have a good one.
Glad to see you had some fun out there, It shows you at these shoots how much work you have to put in to get it right and like Larry said animals will never be at even yardges even when your rangfinder says so based on angles. Just start shooting the between yardages and you will see how quickly you can pick it up. I will see you next weekend, you will really like the Lemon Grove shoot, Thanks.

We have another shoot down here in SD next weekend which is a good one but the following weekend is at Bear State by Lake Henshaw, This is a 42 3-D target shoot that is double what we nornally do and it is a great shoot. If you can make it that would be cool to meet you.
My wife's grandmother just passed away today so I'll be driving the family up North for one of those weekends. I'll see what the plan is.

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