6 Day Arizona Waterfowl Safari - Started Today


Trying to be the man my dog thinks I am.
Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
Hunted Friday at the club in Imperial Valley - great hunt. Headed North 4 hours to hunt an Arizona river area for ducks and opportunity geese.

Showed up in AZ, built camp, policed gear and scouted the water. Winds were approaching 25-30 mph winds. But the ducks - we saw hundreds of ducks. We are very encouraged and look forward to posting a daily account of our hunt including photographs etc. tomorrow.

If you like waterfowl hunting, stay tuned...good stuff is to come!

Heading out in the morning to hunt an area where we had hundreds of ducks working. Lets hope we get 20% of those birds to come back in the morning.

;D ;D ;D;
Just returned from our first morning hunt. We had a great morning and there were plenty of ducks to shoot. We got a sprig, a canvasback, 3 redheads, a widgeon, a ringneck and a greenwing teal.

Fun morning in my book...


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We are in the same area Darryl.

We went out this morning. It was slow but fun. We managed one Canada goose, one mallard, one gadwall and a Hollywood mallard. We just returned from scouting and think we may have found a good gadwall spot for tomorrow.


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Yes the snows have been here since the beginning of November. Bunched up and are now unobtainium...you now the drill.

Found a good spot for Gady's up North in the slew. Tomorrow should be (in theory) a good day on the big ducks.
Wow that place looks nice and fun to shoot. Great pictures ! Both sunrise and sunset, I think I like the sunset more because I love how you frame it with that plant on the right try doing that tomorrow with the sunrise and you may win a contest. GREAT JOB MAN ! That's one of the best sunrise pictures I've seen.
We went up to our gadwall spot and did shoot some gadwall. It was slow at best but still another great day. We ended up with 4 gadwalls. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better


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nice pics............ what kind of boat are you guys hunting out of?
It's a 12' Bass Tracker. We have an 8 and a 15 horse motor for it. It's a good boat but a bit heavy.
Wow, that looks like an awesome place with some awesome hunting. Best of both worlds...

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