Advice on my new Ruger



hey guys , i need some help. I'm a bow hunter but yesterday i got a wild hair and went out and bought me a hunting rifle.

i bought the new ruger American 30/6 and want to primarily use it for pig hunting and maybe on my trip to Idaho for mule deer i got coming up this year. but i have no idea what kind of scope i should be looking at i get the gun next Friday so I'm kinda like a kid in a toy store i got about 450 bucks that i can spend so any information will help guys. also i know you cant go cheap on optics so if you guys think i should hold out till i save more doe for a better scope than please tell me . the reason why i say that is cause frankly i have no clue if i could get a good scope for 450 bucks ????.

also i just one my last fight (i like to still compete) at the golden acorn casino . if u want to see it copy the link and paste it in the browser window in the guy in the yellow and black
Re: advive on my new ruger

Dude…………………. Save your money on the rifle and just get the buck to submit to an arm-bar or head-lock.

Cool video ! You dominated that guy the whole fight.
Re: advive on my new ruger

Cant go wrong with Leupold, They build a very nice Vari-x 3 in 2.8-8 that will do everything you want. try a set of Warne or S&K bases and a Murray leather sling and its a done deal!
Re: advive on my new ruger

Thanks bro that was my most recent fight (06-22-12) it was a little wild with my hands but hey I won and I had fun.
Re: advive on my new ruger

I agree with Darrel on the scope choice. Come by and see us at Fine Firearms in La Mesa. We have them in stock along with many other Leupolds.

Way to finish the fight by submission! Rear naked choke baby!!!
Re: advive on my new ruger

lungpopper, iv been training for about 4 years off and on its hard to train for a fight when u work full time and have other passions like hunting and the out doors . my manager is trying to get me another fight on august 11 but who knows we will see i was kinda nervous posting it due to you don't know what kind of people you can run in to on line i didn't want to offend anyone Hahaha . if i end up gettin that fight all post the video for sure

but thanks i will take a good look at that scope , I'm going to the gun show this weekend ,what do you think about picking up ammo there ?
Re: advive on my new ruger

Since it is a new gun you should should pick up 2 or 3 different types of ammo to see which one prints the best groups. Then buy more of the ammo that your gun liked the best.
Re: advive on my new ruger

The Gun show is good for cheap ammo but I don’t recommend buying a scope at the gun show. Sometimes they have defects and they dump them at the show. Fine Firearms will take care of you. All the guys from this site go there.
I just picked this one up:

Haven't gotten a chance to use it yet though so I can't really give you much of an opinion on it.
The SWFA scopes are decent scopes and the company has a good reputation regarding customer service.
I'd take a good look at Redfield. I bought a 3-9x for a$150. You can't beat the price and you can't beat the quality..I put one on my Ruger 22-250 and I shoot dogs outside of 400 yards easily..BTW Leopold bought out Redfield a couple years ago

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