Alpen Optics Introduces Lifetime Warranty - No Blame, No Fault, No Problem!


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Mar 8, 2011
San Diego, Ca.
Alpen Optics Introduces Lifetime Warranty
No Blame, No Fault, No Problem!

With complete confidence in the quality of its products, Alpen Optics is backing all of its merchandise with a
No Questions Asked, No Fault, No Problem Product Warranty.
No store receipt is required. Customers can simply contact Alpen to receive a return number. They can then send the product to Alpen for repair or replacement free of charge.

The warranty is valid for any of the 50 United States and replaces all other Alpen warranties.
"The word 'Alpen' means 'solidarity' and 'of the Alps,'" Vickie Gardner, co-owner of Alpen Optics, says. "We want to provide our customers with peace of mind in knowing we at Alpen stand solidly behind our products. We know we bring the best products with the best value to those who love the outdoors."
the outdoors.

Alpen Optics specializes in binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes and accessories offering some of the best value in the industry today. Alpen's objective is to provide superior quality optical products at affordable prices. Alpen also strives to provide features and benefits normally found only on products selling for several times what you can purchase Alpen products. Whether you are into hunting, birding, field sports, racing, backpacking, and you just want to set on the back porch and watch the wildlife, Alpen has a quality yet affordable solution for you.
For more information, check out

or call 909-987-8370.
No Worries. They produce very good products at reasonable prices!
I have a friend that bought a pair of Alpen Optics binos so I have had the opportunity to look through them while in the field.I was very impressed with them for the price.
I have a nice pair of Nikon 8.5 x 56 that I love but when I am in my tree stand the small Alpen I use have some of
the best optics I have seen for the price. I bought a pair for my son and I and they are light weight and work
perfect in that tight situation.
A friend and I were in the market for spotting scopes two years ago. We debated which brand to buy and the cost differences. My friend decided on the most expensive, the Swarovski ATM 80mm which retailed around $2,500.00. I myself, being optics poor as I had just purchased a new range finder, decided to gamble on the Alpen Rainier 20-60x80 ED HD (*Retail about $1,300.00).

When the scopes arrived my friend challenged me to do a double blind study in the desert to see whose scope was better (I didn't think my scope had a chance but I accepted the challenge in fun.) We invited two other friends who didn't own spotting scopes to come with us to decide which scope was better as we knew our own bias would interfere with our judgment.

We concealed the identity of each scope and tested them for: sharpness, clarity at extreme distance/low light conditions, weight and ease of operation with the zoom and focus nobs. Though the Swarovski was slightly smaller (making it a little easier to carry) and its nobs are more easily manipulated, the two scopes proved to be dead even in every other category with a slight advantage to the Alpen for clarity at distance.

In the end our two friends were a split decision, each choosing a different scope with reservations. Even the owner of the Swarovski admitted that the Alpen gave the same level of performance.

After hunting with it the past two seasons I can tell you that I am well satisfied with the scope and the wad of cash I saved on it. My one complaint is that the scope does have a tendency to fog up more easily than my Leica binos or my Leupold rifle scope. I corrected the problem with the used of an after market lens coating.

Alpen's new warranty policy now puts them at the top of my list for future optics purchases.

(No, I am not on Alpen's payroll. I just like good products that cost less.)
I also use an alpen spoting scope and love it.. One of the best buys for hunting gear I have made..

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