Archery 3D target shoots

Larry Cochran

Utah Buck 2010
Jan 8, 2011
Alpine, Ca
Today was the second Saturday of the month and Lemon Grove Rod and Gun Club had there monthly archery shoot. It is a well run shoot with 28 3-D targets placed throughout there facility. They have shots ranging form 15 yards up to 60 yards and the placement of the targets are well though out and placed in true life hunting sitsuations. Archers get out and support your clubs and practice, practice because Aughust/September will be here before you know it and you want to be ready. BE SAFE out there.

I'm new to all of this. What does one need when doing these 3D shoots?
Other than your bow and arrows. Actually how many arrows should one take?
Can you give a run down on how a shoot works and how it is scored?

Thanks for any and all help/info!

All you really need is your bow and 4 to 6 arrows, it really depends on how good of a shot you are. The shoot they have in Alpne every month has the yardage marked on occasion and if it isn't you have to guess, but if you have been shooting for a while you should be pretty close. There are 28 targets at the Alpine shoot and they are scored on a 5, 8, 10 and 10x point system. If you hit the body you get 5 points, if you hit the target in the specified area it is scored like a bullseye. 10x is the center shot and it goes out from there. They have targets ranging from Javelina, rabbits and deer and the largest being a Carribou.

If you are interested in going to the next shoot let myself or Mike Pritzl know and maybe we can meet up and take you through the shoot with us.

Thanks for the info. I've talked to Mike Pritzl and the 3D shoots sound like lots of fun.
I hope to hit both the Balboa Park and Alpine shoots next month. At this time I doubt if I'll actually compete in the Alpine shoot as I will have had 2 wisdom teeth extracted the day before. But it's only about 5 to 10 minutes from my house and I'd still like to go to watch for a while and hopefully I can meet you and Mike.

Take care!


I live on a 1.5 acre lot in Alpine.
Right now I've got a 50 yard range set up to practice on.

I believe you live in Alpine too. Where do you shoot?

In my backyard typically. I have some hay bails set up. Do you live off of Arnold, I see that someone has a set up over there. I see it everyday I pick my kids up at school.

I almost went but there was some Thunder Chickens calling my name in the Lagunas!!
so I just drove past tavern road @0 dark 30

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