Archery Hunting in La Sal


"will work for tag"
Oct 28, 2011
prescott valley,AZ
I went to La Sal for 4 days and i shot a spike bull and pic on the buck cuz it was dark and I was just too damn tired to mess with it. I shot the bull on the 2nd day,the buck on the 4th. wasn't too hard to bloodtrail the bull as you can see in the pic,every third or 4th tree looked like that..saw lots of animals..while I was boning out the bull I had a bear come in.i saw 2 others,turkeys,coyotes,bobcats,2 wolverines..great times in the field..


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Strong work...

That is some beautiful country you are in. Thanks for posting the photos.
It rained on me everyday except Saturday.Had to bone him out and pack him out in the rain from 10200 ft to camp at just over 8000 stopped raining for the photo shoot..Booger Im coming to SD on the morning of the 7th, hopping on the boat and when we get off the boat on the 10th I got to get on the road.I have a 7w archery bull client on the 14th and want to do some last minute scouting
Great job on the elk! Never been elk hunting before, but i will soon put in for it in CO next year. Thanks for sharing! :)
josec said:
Great job on the elk! Never been elk hunting before, but i will soon put in for it in CO next year. Thanks for sharing! :)
CO is a great place to hunt. I've gone three times on over the counter tags on DYI trips and have been successful every time. The average success rate is 10-12% but if your willing hike back in a couple of miles and spike camp if needed there are plenty of animals to be had.
Utah has the otc elk tags as well..they are an archers choice tag..some units you can hunt any bull,some units you have to shoot a spike or cow.its a good way to get out in the woods when you didn't draw

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