((((Big ))))) Local Buck Down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #2


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Jan 6, 2011
San Diego
Jim I am creating a second post so not to mess up what you will be posting later today, Cant wait to see the post but I just got word that a huge 4x5 was dropped this morning pretty close to Alpine in San Diego. I am waiting for pics and stories and I will get them posted ASAP.
Well I have not seen pictures of the big 4x5 yet and when I do I will get them up on the post.

Here is a buck that was dropped yesterday, a very nice 2x3 that has a huge body. Sounds like the bigger bucks are on the move. From what I have heard on this buck is that Ratz was set up early and a truck load full of guys came rolling up making a ton of noise and walked down on him. He flashed his flashlight at them and they just moved over a few yards and sat down. This buck came out of the brush at 300 yards following a doe and Ratz set up for the shot. The doe was coming right at him so he waited for a better shot and when the buck came out of the brush the guys next to him seen the buck first and fired three shots at him and only hit him once in the spine, Than when they walked up to the buck it was still alive so he shot it in the neck and blew a football size hole in it which probably ruined any chance of getting is mounted, Sad.

Good job Ratz in getting out there to find the buck you want and keep it up you will put a buck down soon. Ratz I will let you add any additional story to this, Thanks for the update.


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