Bow vs. Hunter

I have had those days where the biggest challenge was against my bow and me shooting it straight. Most of the time I practice enough before a hunt that I am 100% confident that if the opportunity presents itself that I’ll be able to make it happen. I feel you need to be a good shot for the distance that you shoot when hunting. For example. If you only hunt out of a tree-stand and your shots are always going to be 30 yards or under then practice at 30 and dial it in. If you’re going to hunt spot and stalk your shots may be longer. Practicing at long distance is a great confidence builder and will make the shorter shots feel like a slam-dunk . For me the hardest part of hunting is finding the animal and getting within bow range. If I can get that done I am usually packing out meat.
Thanks Buckhunter for the response, The more that I shoot the more confident I become in my archery shooting. I sent out the question wondering if hunters thought that if you hunted with anything other that a Bowtech or a Mathews you were behind the 8ball when it came to hunting. I do agree that the newer bows are putting up higher fps's than older bows but I believe that with any bow and the right amount of practice you can harvest any type of game. I shoot a Freb Bear compound bow and with every arrow I shoot through it I am more confident. Not everybody has a $1000.00 PLUS dollars to invest in a newer bow and that there are alternatives at a lesser price. Practice is very inportant with anything you want to be good at. Just my thoughts.
I may have misunderstood your question the first time.

I shot the 3D shoot last weekend with two guys that were shooting compound bows from the early 90's, maybe 80's. I could not believe they were hitting the target, but they were pretty good. It’s all about getting out there and having fun. Now that they are hooked they are looking for some used bows made in this decade. There old compounds were loud and both needed repairs to complete the 42 target shoot, so they could definitely cost you a deer on a hunt.

So to awnser your question. No, I don’t think you need the best bow out there to be a successful hunter. I know a handful of great hunters that score every year with their 4 -6 year old bows. “ But I know that they want a new one”
I agree with you Buckhunter, I would like a new bow. I am stashing a little money away every month and plan on stepping up to a new Bowtech from the Bow N Arrow shop. Thanks for the input.
I have a bow in Michigan for when I go back there. But to transport it back and forth is not economical.
I have never bow hunted out here because of it. So this year I will do the same as you. I wil also squirrel away some funds and get a new bow for out here. Hopefully before summer.
If you all come across a great deal. please spread the word.
I think it really comes down to technique and practice but I would have to say that once I stepped up to my Bow Tech the confidence is there. Every time I draw my Admiral back I feel like I am defiantly going to stick what I am shooting at, In fact I have only missed one animal with my Admiral since I bought it and that was only because the arrow hit a stick in flight. You have to practice and learn proper techniques to shooting a bow and even after 38 years of archery hunting I am now learning more about proper stance, grip and sight and technique than I have ever have. To me that is why you have to shoot all the 3-D shoots leading up to hunting season and regularly go to the range and make sure your sights are on target. Good luck to all on you this year it will be a good one.
The first thing I will suggest to gain confidence is to go outdoors and star walking long distances and star shooting different things like small bushes, plants and different soft objects on the area from different distances so you really get to know your bow and arrows, this will develop and instinctive shooting and also you will start unconscious to strop relying on the bow sights, just like on a plain recurved. When I was In Mexico we use to do that every weekend for hours is super fun as you start playing like oh there is a turkey and just shoot with out hesitation. There was a time were I could hit a diet coke can over and over from different positions and distances. You can't be a great Black Belt Karate kid by hitting only with your right hand in one direction you need to practice all the moves right? Try that couple weekends with your bodies and kids and then tell me how much you improved. Trust me it works.....
Practice, Practice, Practice, It builds confidence no matter what you are shooting.I'm shooting a Switchback xt it's a great bow,but I made a mistake the other day went to Bruce's and shot the new Invasion. WOW
I shot the Bow Tech Admiral right now and I am shooting lights out with it but after shooting the Invasion I have to have one before Utah, Awesome bow on every level

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