Mar 3, 2011
Hi everyone
I was looking for advice on a fixed blade broad head currently shooting the 2 blade rage. The rage has worked very well for me the only complaint is not the greatest for spot and stalk any help would be great thanks.
I also shoot the Rage 2 blade. It can open up on a stalk if snaged on bushes. When I get a new pack I close all the blades and never open them to play around, show friends etc. They stay more snug if you never open them. Before the Rage I shot good old Thunderheads for years but they will shoot different than your Rage so you can't go from one to the next without sighting in again.
I also shoot Rage two blades along with I have done allot of research on both fixed and mechanical blades. The one thing I have done with my Rages is try to find small rubber bands like they use in braces and they will hold your two blades together while stalking and they will not hold back the blades on impact. I have had mixed issues with the Rages, but if you just learn to shoot the lungs there is no better broad head out there to put a deer down quickly but the one thing I have learned from experience is if you shoot the shoulder you might have the broadhead hang up or not hit enough vitals. I still think they fly better than any broadhead out there.

If you are looking at fixed blade and don’t care about the cutting ratios the Wacem are back and they fly very well along with I like this new broadhead called Terminator with is a cc machined head compared to cast heads like the G3 that will break through any shoulder and they are very sharp. The only issue I had with them in my Bow Tech Admiral is they are not flying straight like the Rages are.

Good luck with your choice, Thanks.

I'll be shooting the rage 2 blade again this season. You can't beat the hole.


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