Cotton tail hunting with Air rifle


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Oct 19, 2011
Hi Guys,

Haven't do much of hunting since Quail season off. Had a friend who own an orange farm that having Rabbit and squirrel problem. So I checked the area and it is right on the edge of Riverside City limit which means I might get in trouble if I fire my shotgun in the area. So I decide to bring my Benjamin XL 1100 air rifle and see what I can do for her. Went out couple of Saturday morning and shot some squirrels but rabbits were smarter than I think. So I went Friday evening right after work to see what happened. Get there by 4:00 and begin to walk around. Saw couple of them right under the orange tree and took my shot. in 10 mins I got 2 down and the rest just jump and running for life ;D
Before the sunset me and my friend Tom managed to get another three and call it a day around 8PM. It was fun and got to cook some fresh meat of rabbit dinner to share with kids. Will go out again soon hope will do better next trip.
Where the squirrels are hiding
our 5 cotton tails and my friend Tom
Beautiful sunset on Friday the 13th
Our rabbit dinner and fresh caught sanddads plate.

Re: Cotten tail hunting with Air rifle

Nice work . That's a hell of a scope for an air gun. Lights out bunny's!
Thanks for sharing. Great pics. The dinner looked great too.
Nice rabbits i used to hunt with a pellet gun but i stoped because to many rabbits got away wounded sounds like you have dad better luck go smoke em again
Nice pics and nice shooting! I take my .22 cal Benjamin nitro piston out for rabbit aswell. Nice clean head shots and no buckshot! Thanks for sharing

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