Coyote Harvest


Feb 15, 2018
What do ya'll do with the coyote once you kill them? Do you make anything out of the hide? Are they good eating?

I couldn't find much under taxidermy nor recipes.


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Dec 20, 2014
Any more I just throw them in a bush or ditch where it will out of sight. Coyote hunting can be a touchy subject with antis so I try not to draw to much attention. I have a hide and a euro in my boys room.
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Feb 16, 2011
That’s curtis Wright. He’s a wounded warrior and “professional coyote hunter”. That boy takes A LOT of dogs. He’s a great guy to boot.
Ahhhh good old Curtis, he might hold the record for most bans on the interweb. How is the dude? someone get him to come on for a update


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Dec 2, 2014
North LA county
I don’t know him personally. I’ve spoken to him a few times years ago met him once and know a few guys he has taken out for free wounded warrior hunts. They did get a bunch of Yotes with him. From what I gather he knows how and where to call.


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Nov 28, 2018
NOTE: When you use Maceration to clean the skull... all the teeth fall out.. you're going to have to be careful to collect them all outta the bottom of the bucket and later on cement them back into whatever holes in the jawbone and upper palate they came out of.

I tried the meat, (on video, to give all these guys a laugh). It's not "bad". I wouldn't recommend frying it though. Felt very heavy in my gut afterward. I was actually cooking it up for my dogs, so I didn't butcher it as cleanly as I would have otherwise. My dogs did NOT eat it. So take that as you will.

When you are trying to peel the skin off the tail... don't do it until you have one of those tail strippers. It looked like it was gonna come off ok, but last second it ripped out and left like 3-4 inches of the tip of the tail behind. I was so upset with myself on that one. Be patient, wait until you have that tool. Or at least very carefully use a Havalon to help you after the first few thicker vertebrae. Don't chance it, that's one of the cool parts of the hide!

Except for that issue... the hide came off rather easily though! Didn't really need to use knife much at all. It peels off surprisingly easy.

Umm...note... there was a lot more connective tissue to have to free up inside the gut cavity in order to release the gut-sack. Surprisingly more so then a deer, and it was surprisingly tough in terms of cutting it free. Especially in the back by their hinds legs for some reason.
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