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  • Steve, I can’t get ahold of anyone down at Wister. Could you please tell me who to contact to get an application for camping.
    Thanks, Mike
    Steve. I am not sure how well the Dad might receive a stranger buying stuff for the kid you know? I want to be as tactful as possible. Let me see what comes up from the posting and take it from there.
    I appreciate the gesture.
    I understand...Just let me know what he needs
    Steve you know anything about Mount Laguna private lands now ??????
    Can they sell National Forest ??????
    I heard I might see your post over here. Have you managed to get your grand slam yet? Last I heard you were one short. John.
    Hey Steve, I was up on Palomar Mt all day scouting on Sunday and didn't see hide nor hair (feathers Track Poop any where up there Not even a sound from Turkeys up there. However the Rangers were saying they were everywhere 3 weeks ago? I am totally baffled.
    Hey there Steve, Big Jim here, my son and i are heading down in the morning, heading to the area i posted a couple years ago that was removed. lol. i think you remember the spot, any way were staying at the holiday inn off 4th, if your in the area give me a shout 951-970-9240
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    How do you do!
    I'm miss
    Rabena, a girl and I like to have a
    friendship with you, I picked interest in you after
    going through your
    profile .I really want to have a good friendship
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    [email protected]
    hello ilovesprig, i need to change my name in the forums i didn't put a forum call sign down its my name.. a little too much info right? can you change it to GoodKarma or delete my account?? thanks.

    Edit** you know im looking around the forums.. other seem to have done it too and they don't care. maybe its not a big deal it just that i don't like my name being out there lol. let me know what can be done.

    Hi ilovesprig. Thanks for being gracious and replying to my request for blind recommendations at Wister. I was lucky enough to draw #17 at Wister, but not have hunted there for years. I have a new duck hunter, and wanted to at least show him a few birds. I wish I could figure out how to PM on the website....unless this is it. My email is [email protected] if you prefer. Thanks again.
    Hello thank you for the info on my question in the big game forum. I was wondering if i could have the local wardens #? I plan on hunting about 600-800 yards from the apple pile but i just want to check in with im or her to be sure im good all around.
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