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    Carp Roundup 2018

    Congrats boys......Way to represent SCH and The Bow & Arrow Shop.
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    Draw results up

    PLEASE read the big game regulations thoroughly.....It could save you a lot of money.
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    Entertaining the idea of raffling off hunting related gear etc.

    I've run many kinds of raffles (silent, live, & general) for groups like CWA, NWTF, DU. PF, etc.....It can be a slippery slope.....Fun, but can be costly and time consuming to the person who's running the raffles.....Cost of item and participation are the keys. I'd say give it a try, if it...
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    Father’s Day catfishen

    Congrats Matt...……..Dang nice stringer ps.....We should have a SCH catfish derby out at the "Shaw.....Maybe get Janice to let us stay till like 11:00 pm.
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    Scout day

    Hang in there.....I didn't think anyone did that either.....:mad: Like stated, probably a spike, but right now that really doesn't matter.....Deer and deer sign are what matter.....They'll be plenty of movement during the rut.....The fact there's good food and cover is the key.....Find where...
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    Fathers Day

    Mark, That's Red Ball (code name for Rancho Bernardo) in about 1996. It's now 4S ranch with Black Mt in the background.....Lots of doves met their maker there…..Even got a banded one time.
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    Southern Utah bass

    Good job, Richard...…..Those fish are like clones...…….lol
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    Drew my MA1 tag

    That's funny, Tony.....May be some changes around here too.....County supervisor Bill Horn is termed out (pro gun & hunting).....So, it's possible I'll be done in January, if a dem wins the seat (don't know their stance on guns or hunting yet).
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    San Diego Noob

    Matty, Talking to like minded folks in person is always better than trying get info from the web.....Number of guys at the NWTF meeting will help you out.....Might even find a hunting partner. Thank you for your service.
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    Deer Tag Video

    With a lot of new guys getting into deer hunting.....DFW came out with a video on how to properly fill out, validate, and report your deer tag.....Sounds pretty simple, but I know at least 3 guys who got citations for not tagging bucks properly.....Expensive. ,
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    Game Camera

    Nice Lee…..I've been checking some cams as well......;) .
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    Fathers Day

    You boys are very dedicated.....Hopefully, that will pay off with some dividends. Happy Father's to all you dads out there......Greatest day of my life. .
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    San Diego Noob

    Matty, Welcome to SCH......The next NWTF meeting is Tuesday June 26th.....Hope to see you there.
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    Draw results up

    I've done it both ways and got D-16 tags after purchasing an A-22.....Just do it early, if there's not many left. ps....With a 1,100+ still left, it tells me that D-16 is starting to slow down some.....Should be plenty left over.
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    Draw results up

    That is correct, if you have a premium or restricted tag.