Coyote kills Deer


“Venison” It’s what’s for dinner!
Feb 3, 2011
Caught on a game camera. Need to kill more Coyotes.


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I gotta' tell ya', I have gutted hundreds of animals in my life but I could barely stomach looking at those cam pics. That animal fought for its life for over 2 hours! I am glad you posted it because people need to know - but that is one hell of a way to go.

I am going to go on a coyote killing spree.

I'm just saying
But we are not eating them alive from the hind quarters on up. Man that was awful!
This is the main reason I kill coyotes. Imagine having to die from disembowelment. It is hard to imagine a worse way to go.
SD Bowhunter your avatar looks like my handy work

That is some amazing work John. You are an artist for sure.

For those folks who do not know, Randomshot is a fantastic local taxidermist. He produced my buddies Euro - New Mexico elk mount as well as my euro oryx mount. We both could not be happier with his work and his prices - I recommend Randomshot for sure. I have also seen his shoulder mount work and it is excellent. SCH endorses his work and encourages its members to contact him for taxidermy services.

I will post a picture of death row (enhanced) in a couple of days (once the oryx is up on the wall). :p

SCH Staff
With NBK on both replys , someone sent me these photos last year, makes me want to shoot another pile, as for Random shot (Jon) he has done at least 8 to 10 Euro mounts for me over the years, top notch guy that does outstanding work, Im sure I already posted his contact info on here last year.
I would think that a deer like that must have been sick or week. I once saw two coyotes chase a small buck (forky) for @ a half mile . Then the deer got in a spot that he had nowhere to go so he stood his ground. The coyotes were doing circles around it trying to nip at the back legs. after about 30 seconds of that the deer ran one of the coyotes over and was gone. They didn't want anything to do with it after he ran one over.

As for John he's ok if you don't mind getting your ass kicked at bowfishing. :D ;D
Lungpopper said:
oneazbowhunter said:
I have to believe the fight would have ended differently if the buck was hardhorned...

I agree with that.

Yeah me three, good point Jeff. Still wonder if he had a issue?
yea something just aint right..the deer appears to be healthy..but im with lungpopper somethings wrong with him..maybe some CWD mean to tell me hes going to stand in one spot for 2 hours and get eaten by 2 yotes?i dont think so.. ive seen does chase off dogs on several occasions...
I am new to hunting and have been wondering what to hunt. After seeing those pics I know for sure what I want to hunt. I will enjoy every part of hunting coyotes. If you guys have any pointers to get me started hunting coyotes, I would appreciate it.

Thanks a lot!!!

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