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Apr 8, 2016
Ive been searching the forums for any information to do with crossbow. Where to sight in, practice and hunt. Anyone have information to where I can at least practice?

Thank you
I received (Christmas) a special target for crossbows a couple years back.....I now shoot it in my yard.....As far as I know, there's no restrictions on shooting them on BLM or NF's.

You may want to read this......I know the City of Escondido & San Diego don't allow bb or pellet guns (I live on county land).....Bows & crossbows may fall in there too.

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That's a helpful article Steve. I tried the link to San Diego but I think the site has been re-designed. For anyone interested, SD municipal code can be found under the City Clerk web site. Here is what I found for air guns and archery. The way I read this, it appears that San Diego does not prohibit use of air guns or bows/arrows on private property. Just don't let any projectile leave your property.

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Cleveland National forest orange county- no shooting unless in pursuit of game. They gave me a warning for target shooting with bow/arrow. Forest service guy also mentioned paintball guns, air guns, and sling shots. I explained I just wanted to make sure my pins were correct.
A bow shop close to me with a range won't allow cross bows on the line. Never asked why.
Also cannot use crossbows during archery seasons. Crossbow is lumped in with firearms as method of take.. 354j refers to disabled hunters
  • (g) Except as described in subsection 354(j), crossbows may not be used to take game birds and game mammals during archery seasons.
Dude- I don't see much love for it. From the ranges all the way to the DFW regulations.
You can use a crossbow during archery season with a medical expemtion. Not sure how the process works but I believe there a DFW form that a physician needs to fill out in order to qualify.

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