D14 Archery Bear


Mar 11, 2019
Orange County
I know it is extremely last minute; however, is anyone interested and available to join me this weekend to look for Bear and scout deer in D14? My hunting buddy is bailing on me and I'd rather not go alone. I am fairly flexible to departure and return times and am offering to drive and camp out of my truck. It currently doesn't have A/C but its better than walking.

Additionally, if anyone has any tips and tricks when it comes to bears I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
No AC?? Sorry dude...but here is a tip, find the knarlyest canyon or draws you can, always have the high ground..get there before you can see thru your optics and stay till you cannot see thru your optics anymore...some old stauncey jaded bear hunter told me that one time, and that dude has some bear skulls in his garage to back it up..good luck..and stay cool!!!
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It's crazy hot right now. Get yourself to someplace with a watering hole that looks like it'd be a great place they can plop their whole body down in it. And be there before the sun comes up and drives them to seek it out and take a dip to wet their fur before the day heats up. Also you'll probably wanna look for scats nearby. They'll probably be chocked with choke-cherry pits right about now. Right about now (in prior years I went out in D11) is approaching the tail end of the choke-cherries being available and ripe to gobble up. But this last year we got a lot more water, so who knows... maybe it's possible the choke-cherries might hang around a little longer than prior years I'd guess.

And it's bears, so make dang well sure you're downwind.

I had a close encounter with a bear at 20yds going to such a water hole. Before he realized I was there... he sorta reminded me of a person who just woke up and was heads-down and walking lazily, to go fetch his morning coffee... but he was headed to the watering hole another maybe 30 yards behind me.

Also look for areas of Blackberry/Raspberry vines. Beware... if you don't high-step with your boots to squash the vines down underfoot if you have to cross thru them... they very well might catch and make several small tears in your clothing. There is a REASON they are called RASPberries. Those vines have all kindsa super pokey stickers on them.

Sometimes if the trail is narrow and something like a fallen log is blocking the way... you *might* see a fairly wide looking indentation in the soil beside the base of that log.. indicated where they've been placing their first paw down upon climbing over that log and thus all their weight on that first paw depressing into the soil right there. You'll know it if you see it. Also sometimes there will be tree/bushes slightly taller than a man that offer up things with seed pods (or choke cherries!)... you might see that same kinda of indentation in the soil in sort of a pathway around the base of such a bush.. where they spent some time standing up on hind legs to reach up higher to pluck and munch.

I'm going out myself as well this Saturday. But into D11. Best of luck. And bring a ton of water.
Be the arrow dude...and remember ..they have arms.. and will not hesitate to use them..always take the high ground upon approach...just another little thing that old jaded bastrd taught me..
Saved my arse on more than one occassion..
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Ill go out there with you next time you go. Don't have a deer tag for that zone but have been wanting to scout bear out there. Have a few spots I have been looking at that look good but never know till get out there. We should plan an over night so we can be in the woods early.

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